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Sebastian Saur

I firmly believe in the powers of movement and health. Moving well is a basic human right!

Portland personal trainer Sebastian Saur
Portland personal trainer Sebastian Saur

Portland personal trainer Sebastian Saur

Sebastian Saur

Personal Trainer

Personality: Honorable, detailed, electric, charismatic

Certifications: National Strength and Conditioning Association, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Biology and Bachelor of Arts in Germanic studies from Indiana University; Doctor of Physical Therapy from Pacific University expected in 2019

Proudest athletic achievements:

  • Placing fourth out of 46 teams in the German Collegiate Rugby 7s Championship
  • Sending the Half Route in Zion National Park
  • Continually finding long beautiful hikes to challenge my aerobic base. Most recently I summited Half Dome in Yosemite National Park

About me

I’ve been working with people to achieve their fitness goals since 2013. As a lifelong athlete, I was accustomed to the need for fitness, strength and agility to perform well. I got my start as a trainer while playing rugby in Germany. Our team had all the talent we could ever desire but not the fitness! So I stepped up and organized biweekly strength and conditioning sessions and improved the team’s fitness over the course of the year. Finally, we had the strength and gas in the tank to compete and win! We exceeded all expectations during our collegiate championships and as a club were asked to move up into the highest division the next season.

Upon my return to the United States, I was hired on at a local rock climbing gym in my hometown of Indianapolis. I was thrilled because I had an untapped source of clients that had a specific training goal: to climb harder. I worked with clients to improve their ability to climb with improved core strength, shoulder stability and balance. Soon my dream career had become clear to me: go to physical therapy school and learn how to heal physical injuries and return people to functional levels of activity.

Following my acceptance to Pacific University’s Doctor of Physical Therapy Program, I dedicated my final summer in Indiana to an internship at Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training (IFAST). For four months and 60 hours per week of training, I worked with college bound athletes, professional soccer players, newcomers to the fitness world, older adults, weekend warriors, desk jockeys, manual laborers, people recovering from injury and body builders.

My ideal client has a specific goal. I view my time with clients as training sessions. Training for a specific action, adventure and/or state of well-being. I appreciate a client who trains for a goal that they can realize and be proud of once accomplished. What’s important to me is my clients’ desire to work hard in the gym and train for life outside of the gym.


My specialty above all is movement mechanics. I specialize in evaluating movement in order to program for and coach a client to produce the most efficient and powerful movement. This allows for me to serve clients with a variety of fitness goals. Additionally, I specialize in physical preparation for sporting seasons, outdoor adventures and physically demanding jobs. This entails the requirements of not only strength but also energy system training to ensure that a client has the overall fitness and capacity to achieve their goals. Lastly, I have been effective in helping clients recover from injury (after an evaluation by a medical professional, of course).


When we move well, we truly have the confidence to challenge ourselves and enjoy life on Earth. Personal training is a relationship between a client and coach. Transparency and communication are vital, and consistency is key. Discipline achieves goals; motivation only helps you decide on those goals.

Outside the gym

I was born in Indiana to German parents. Germany is the place I feel most at home, but the Midwest was where I grew up and where I made my dearest of friends.

When I’m not in the gym, I love hiking, climbing, skiing, pick up sports, the Indianapolis Colts, trying new outdoor activities, watching rugby and listening to European techno, progressive rock, western country and rap. Dancing is always fun when it goes into the night, and coffee is almost a pleasant as a cup of turmeric tea.