I love helping my clients feel strong, comfortable and at peace in their bodies.

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Personal Trainer (he/him)

Personality: Kind, supportive, empathetic, professional

Certifications: Certified Personal Trainer (NASM), Certified Behavior Change Specialist (NASM), Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist (NASM)

Education: Bachelor’s degree in English from Oregon State, Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Portland State University

About me

I became a personal trainer because it’s important to me to help and support others. I enjoy collaborating with clients to fulfill their goals. I value being a part of each client’s support system and building a professional relationship and friendly rapport with them.

I started training in 1998 and have been keenly focused on health and wellness for more than 20 years. I am a good fit for middle age clients who may be experiencing changes that are affecting their ability to perform daily activities as well as recreational ones. I design well-rounded programs to navigate these physical changes and to increase their quality of life.

I actively listen to my clients to discover their goals then collaborate with them to develop customized strategies that incorporate the fundamentals of behavioral change to help them reach their goals. I touch base regularly to assess what’s working for them and make adjustments as needed. I am respectful of boundaries, and I strive to create a comfortable space for them to both communicate and train with me. Lastly, I cheer them on and celebrate their progress, consistency and accomplishments.

Clients work with me for a variety of reasons including:

  • To integrate new wellness habits into their lives
  • To care for their bodies in middle age and beyond
  • To continue doing things they love
  • To perform resistance and corrective exercises customized for them
  • To improve balance and flexibility
  • To participate in a specific recreational activity or event
  • To offset the effects of chronic health conditions
  • To feel strong and at ease in their bodies
  • To receive support, encouragement and guidance in these pursuits


My specialties include endurance and strength training, injury prevention and confidence building.


I strive to be fully present for my clients—to listen to them, to show compassion for challenges they are facing, to learn what matters to them, to discover what they want, to assist them with my knowledge and experience and to guide and support them as they strive for their goals.

Outside the gym

My favorite way to spend my time is to go for a walk or a hike with a friend and have a great conversation with them. I also enjoy showering my friends’ dogs and cats with affection and saying silly things to them. I am a proud plant dad and an even prouder “plantpa” of strange cacti. I love a cup of coffee, and I frequent Portland’s coffee shops.