Molly Gates

I believe in meeting people where they are. What we do in the gym should be part of creating a happier and more enjoyable life.

Hyatt Training Portland personal trainer Molly Gates
Hyatt Training Portland personal trainer Molly Gates

Hyatt Training Portland personal trainer Molly Gates

Molly Gates

Personal Trainer

Personality: Friendly, encouraging, understanding, dedicated

Certifications: Certified Personal Trainer (NASM), graduate of the 12-week Hyatt Training internship program

Education: B.S. and M.S in kinesiology, sport administration and management from Indiana University; MBA from the University of Cape Town

Proudest athletic achievements: Four-years Division 1 water polo; two-time Ironman Triathlon finisher and top-ten female swim finisher

About me

Following a career in nonprofits where I wove together my passion for sports, international development and sustainability, I became a personal trainer to realize my love for fitness and individual coaching. In my life, setting—and achieving!—physical goals has been integral to shaping who I am. It excites me to help others enhance their own lives through realized accomplishments that lead to better health.

With a base in high school sports, I went on to play Division I collegiate water polo, engaging in rigorous training in and out of the water. But soon after college, I sustained a serious running injury and had to readjust, which meant setting a goal to walk 30 minutes each day. After nearly two years of incremental recovery, I was ready for new challenges and set my sights on completing multiple marathons and half and full Ironman distance triathlon events over the next several years.

Now a working wife and mother, priorities and goals have shifted. Whether it’s injury, family, work or change of interests, I know that life is ever evolving. Setting and sticking to a plan to meet a physical goal can be extremely rewarding, and every person has the potential to relish in the feelings of personal achievement. I am a true believer in finding challenge and accomplishment from realistic starting points: Whether a client hopes to run a marathon, increase mobility or maintain a consistent exercise program for improved health, I offer the perspective, structure and encouragement to guide them toward success while celebrating along the way.


High-intensity interval training, mobility training, endurance training and sport-specific training.


I believe in meeting people where they are. I recognize and appreciate the unique background and potential of each client and want to help them achieve their specific goals while having fun and enjoying the journey.

With dedication, passion and compassion, I believe every person has an incredible opportunity to reach new levels of success. By providing structure, support, guidance, accountability and encouragement, I aim to help my clients feel better inside and outside the gym.

Outside the gym

I returned to my home state of Oregon six years ago after nearly 15 years living in multiple states and countries. I have loved being back where the trees are green, the air is fresh and the people are friendly. I can most often be found with my husband and two young children exploring Portland parks, spending time with extended family or eating at food carts. Although my athletic pursuits have adapted with life changes, I treasure my few high-intensity conditioning workouts and shorter runs where I often daydream or listen to a podcast.