Michelle Lankey Mone

Impossible is a mind set, not a reality.

Hyatt Training Portland personal trainer Michelle Lankey Mone

Michelle Lankey Mone

Personal Trainer (she/her)

Personality: Passionate, intuitive, strong, inviting

Certifications: Certified Personal Trainer (ACE), Corrective Exercise Specialist (NASM), Spartan SGX

Education: Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of South Alabama

Proudest athletic achievement:

4x Boston Marathon Qualifier, 100k Finisher, 1/2 Ironman Finisher

About me

I have been in the personal training field since January 2017. I became a personal trainer because I have a passion for helping others develop into their best selves. I love my job because I get to play all day in the gym while simultaneously creating positive change in the lives of others! As an endurance athlete, I have experienced the transformative effects of achieving health and wellness in the pursuit of increased stamina and performance.

I especially enjoy the challenge of working with people who are overcoming or coming back after an injury. I once had a client who approached me about a 5k training program. He had been a runner in the past but had since given up the sport due to persistent knee pain. His goal at that time was to run a 10k pain free. We started working toward his goal in January 2020. In March 2020, he ran a 10k. And in September 2020, he successfully completed a 50k!

I help clients by developing a program that is progressive and specific to them. My clients appreciate that I come prepared to our sessions with an action plan, but also that I’m able to adapt the plan as needed to ensure progress is made in the most efficient way possible.


My specialties include endurance and strength training, injury prevention, rehabilitation, sports-specific training and confidence building.


Personal training can be so transformative. The benefits extend far beyond any given fitness goal. If everyone knew what fitness could do for their health and wellness, then we would live in a much happier world!

Outside the gym

I currently live in Vancouver, Wash. I’m a trail runner, marathoner and obstacle racer. I really enjoy going out on the trail for the day to escape the city. I am from Aurora, CO and grew up in a military family so have experience living in lots of different places.