Melinda Staehling

I love the point when the benefits of a thoughtful fitness program and consistency click for a client.

Hyatt Training Portland personal trainer Melinda Staehling
Hyatt Training Portland personal trainer Melinda Staehling

Hyatt Training Portland personal trainer Melinda Staehling

Melinda Staehling

Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach

Personality: Insightful, motivational, empathetic and creative

Certifications: NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, graduate of the 12-week Hyatt Training internship program

Education: B.A. in Visual Arts from University of California at San Diego, M.S. candidate in Human Nutrition & Functional Medicine from University of Western States

Proudest athletic achievement: Summer internship with the Joffrey ballet in high school, Wild Animal Park Half Marathon, and stepping away from the hamster wheel of studio fitness classes and into strength training at 42

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About me

I’ve spent most of my professional career working in hospitality, having held every job in a restaurant—from barista to general manager. I worked in wine for over a decade, both as a sommelier and in sales. Chronic health conditions made me take a hard look at my work life, and I decided to make a change.

Since I knew something about food, I dove into nutrition. Then, I shifted my mindset around fitness, and I realized a career in personal training was a path to make a lasting impact with clients. The client/trainer relationship goes so much further than doing a few exercises in the gym.

My ideal client is someone who, as a previous version of me, might be a little timid to show up in the gym or nervous that a strength workout is going to be too much. We all have a life history that provides its own set of circumstances, and a personal training gym is a place where that can be honored. My clients work with me because they’re looking for not just a workout, but also an overall lifestyle shift.


Strength training, mobility, functional nutrition, holistic fat loss, fitness for chronic conditions and new exercisers.


After age 40, we’re all losing between 3-8% of our muscle mass with every passing decade. Unless, of course, we do something about it. I advocate for strength and cardiovascular training as a path to not only muscle development but also better bone health and even blood sugar management.

Have you ever felt like you went to a studio class, saw some progress after a couple months, and then plateaued? While that program might have initially been a new challenge, it wasn’t tailored specifically to you and your growth.

Progressive training involves less variation, more consistency, and usually some heavier weight than you might have previously been exposed to. The variety with personal training comes in meeting that next new challenge.

Outside the gym

I grew up in San Diego in a classic SoCal tennis-obsessed and golf-obsessed household. My parents are my best role models for making fitness an enjoyable aspect of life.

My husband and I moved to Portland via Las Vegas in 2019 and recently bought a home in Hillsboro. We’re still a little bit in awe that we get to live around all these trees and greenery. We have a sweet rescue mix, Mary, who is our group leader in checking out all the local parks and trails.

When I’m not hitting the books for my master’s program, I love to knit and sew. I’ve been a home cook since I was a toddler and am a regular at the PSU/Beaverton Saturday farmer’s markets.