Megan Abernathy

I love working with all different kinds of people at different stages of their life, fitness journey and ability. I don’t ask for much—just all you got. 😉

Hyatt Training Portland personal trainer and nutritionist Megan Abernathy
Hyatt Training Portland personal trainer and nutritionist Megan Abernathy

Hyatt Training Portland personal trainer Megan Abernathy

Megan Abernathy

Nutritionist, Personal Trainer

Personality:  Driven, energetic, supportive, open-minded

Certifications: Corrective Exercise Specialist (NASM), TRX certified

Education: Bachelor of Science from the Radford University in foods and nutrition

Proudest athletic achievements:

  • Professional hula hooper for over 12 years
  • Competed in three body building competitions in 2017 in the bikini division

About me

I’ve always been curious about exercise and started working out in the gym when I was 16. At first, I learned about personal training so I could design my own workouts and programming, but once I graduated college I decided to turn my passion into my career. I got my first personal training certification in 2005 and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in foods and nutrition in 2007. I was driven to understand food, our relationship with it and how the body processes it. This knowledge helped me improve personal workouts and applied nutrition for sports-related goals. Later, my experience in corporate fitness gyms taught me how to relate to a diverse clientele and become a more creative trainer. 


My specialities include functional strength and fitness, injury prevention and rehabilitation exercises, fat loss, meal planning, meal preparation, diabetes education and prevention, positive affirmations and mindset coaching.


I believe the base of living a healthy lifestyle starts with mindset. I work with my clients to develop smart goals and to develop self-efficacy—the belief in oneself to complete a task. Depending on the individual client’s needs, I will provide support and accountability to help them achieve their goals.

I also believe in establishing a strong stabilization base with all my clients.You cannot build fitness on dysfunction. I focus on proper kinetic chain movement patterns and a strong pelvis and core before advancing into other modalities and fitness programs. 

Outside the gym

I’m originally from Virginia and moved out to Oregon right after college for the food, coffee and culture. I love hiking, hula hooping and acro yoga. I’ve been  obsessed lately with bodybuilding, which involves a lot of meal prepping. I currently live in Portland with an orange tabby named Filbert.