Max Steele

You’re the boss. I’m just an advisor. We can only go as far as you take us.

Hyatt Training Portland personal trainer Max Steele
Hyatt Training Portland personal trainer Max Steele

Hyatt Training Portland personal trainer Max Steele

Max Steele

Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach (he/him)

Personality: Patient, curious, imaginative, kind

Certifications: ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Precision Nutrition Coach Level 1, graduate of the 12-week Hyatt Training internship program

Education: Studied School Health at Portland State University and Philosophy at Arkansas State University

Proudest athletic achievements:

  • Regaining my hip and lower back mobility after years at a desk job.
  • Deadlifting 300lbs for the first time.

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About me

I was lucky enough to know a personal trainer when I really needed one. I’ve struggled with focus and follow-through for most of my life. It was only after working with a trainer for over a year that I was able to clear the fog in my brain and take control of my situation. That trainer just happened to be at Hyatt Training, and here’s a link to my personal studio success story.

I help clients by bringing the focus back to what matters. I don’t let self-deprecating remarks slide, and I don’t let negativity or boredom drain the energy of a session. I also combine personal training with nutrition and habit coaching, and I like assigning homework. I’ve learned that when you want to improve any situation, it’s important to start with the simplest, most impactful steps first. Intentional exercise fits into that category more often than not. It also means sleep, nutrition and hydration.

Clients work with me because other approaches didn’t work for them. Maybe a strict authority figure wasn’t the right fit, but they still wanted to be held accountable. Or they like that I blend strength training with mindfulness, breathing work and habit coaching.

My ideal client will communicate with me and not just take orders. I want to create programs that work for you, so I need to know what you enjoy doing. There is no “best method” of progression that doesn’t involve your input.

I love my job because the “office” I work in is humming with the activity of people all working toward admirable goals. Every single person in the space is doing something they can be proud of. Plus, we’re all wearing comfortable clothes!


Endurance and strength training, fitness for golf and tennis, injury prevention, rehabilitation, weight loss, muscle gain, sports specific training and confidence building.

I specialize in foundational strength training, especially for clients who have never identified as “strong.” I use Integrated Habit and Nutrition Coaching to supplement that strength base in pursuit of deep health.


Know what is essential, and the rest can change as needed. You won’t get lost because you have a solid base to fall back on. People will often do the best thing if you make it obvious.

I’m a former, professional quitter. There is no excuse you can come up with that I haven’t already used! I’m not judging, but I see you.

Outside the gym

I grew up in Jonesboro, Arkansas, and moved to Portland in 2005. I’ve lived in the Elliot neighborhood since 2008.

When I’m not working out, I cook, write, podcast and play Dungeons & Dragons with friends. My ideal day is a cookout with friends then board games once the sun goes down.

I live in a big house with my partner, our housemate and our elderly cat (my toughest client).

Max Steele is currently accepting new clients.

What his clients say

“Max is a great coach that has a great attitude and extensive knowledge to keep me on track and engaged with my workouts. He’s always ready to challenge me and also work with me, even during those early morning hours.”

Andy P.

“I am extremely happy having Max as my trainer. I don’t believe I would have stuck with it as long as I have if it weren’t for him. I’ve no doubt that Max’s knowledge, encouragement, and responsiveness have had a huge impact on where I am now in my health journey!”

Leah T.

“What I really appreciate about Max’s training style is that he never pushes me past what I feel I can do safely with my asthma or current level of ability. I also really appreciate his ability to keep me interested and motivated.”

Alexis P.