I’m very dedicated and driven, but I also like to have fun when I’m training—that goes for my own workouts as well as the ones I design for my clients. Humor and conversation are great distractions when you’re holding a plank!

Hyatt Training Portland personal trainer Maddie Hays


Personal Trainer (she/her)

Personality: Energetic, empathetic, dependable, compassionate

Certifications: NASM Certified Personal Trainer, AFAA Group Instructor, Licensed Nutritionist in Washington state

Education: Master’s degree in nutrition from the National University of Natural Medicine; Bachelor’s degree in biology, chemistry, and human health and performance from George Fox University

Proudest personal achievements: Graduating with a master’s degree in nutrition in June 2021. I’m very interested in the relationship between nutrition and exercise, and I love how they go hand in hand.

About me

I’ve been working since 2019 as a personal trainer and nutritionist. I became a personal trainer because I knew what it felt like to feel lost and intimidated in the gym. I was somewhat athletic growing up (I was a competitive ice skater until I was 16), but I never latched onto a team sport or enjoyed working out. When I finally started going to a gym, I was too scared to do anything beyond cardio. Eventually I started doing circuits in a tiny corner of the gym, and then four years ago I finally stepped onto the weights floor. I remember feeling like I had no idea what I was doing or where to begin, and I want to help other people who feel the same way. I also think that the fitness and nutrition industry is full of misinformation, which can be confusing to navigate. I’m passionate about education and the “why” behind programming so I wanted to understand what was most effective vs. what was completely false information.

I love seeing my clients succeed, no matter what the success is. Hearing them tell me they feel strong, or a movement that used to challenge them is feeling easier, or they feel like they have more energy, or they’re sleeping better … all of those little successes bring me so much joy. I also love the relationships I get to build with my clients. I enjoy getting to know my clients, finding out what challenges they’re dealing with and talking things out with them. They put their trust in me, and I take that very seriously.

I’m most interested in working with women because I feel like women are marketed the most misinformation from the fitness industry. I’m also passionate about women’s health in general (I wrote a mini thesis for my master’s program about changes in nutrition and exercise metabolism over the menstrual cycle). That said, my ideal client is anyone who understands their goals will take work and is willing to keep working towards them. And of course, I’m there for accountability and advice when they’re feeling discouraged. I’m not a fan of workouts promising a quick fix, and my ideal client knows that quick fixes won’t work either.

I help my clients by guiding them through a workout program that’s tailored to their specific goals. But more than that, I help my clients by improving their confidence. So many of the clients I’ve worked with struggled with confidence, especially in the gym. This goes back to what I described earlier, about feeling intimidated or unsure of where to start. When I introduce a more challenging move to a client, their initial reaction is often apprehension. But then they do it,  they execute the movement well, and I see their face light up like “Wow, I did that!” And that confidence translates into other aspects of their life, not just the gym. I also help my clients is by giving them a coach who listens to them and takes their concerns and/or struggles seriously. My clients know that our training sessions are a two-way street, and they can tell me if an exercise isn’t working for them. I still want them to put the work in, of course, but there’s no shame in taking a modification or swapping a different exercise in.


Endurance and strength training, weight loss, muscle gain, sports-specific training and confidence building.


My training philosophy is to use safe, effective, simple techniques and exercises to help the client achieve their goal. I’m not going to program complicated exercises that look cool; I’m going to use and expand on the basics. When the client can demonstrate that they’ve mastered the basics, then we can progress.

Outside the gym

I was born and raised in the Portland area, though I currently live in Vancouver, Wash. The Pacific Northwest has always felt like home! In my spare time, I do lots and lots of reading! I’m a huge bookworm. I’m also a history nerd and listen to podcasts on my walks. My fiancé and I love getting outside for walks (coffee in hand) or the occasional short hike. We do a lot of cooking together, too. Being a nutritionist, it kind of comes with the territory!