Lindsay Peterson

Personal training isn’t one-size-fits-all. It’s not just for the macho humans. It can be useful for anyone wanting new tips and tricks or motivation—for people who’ve never been in a gym to long-time fitness connoisseurs looking for specialized training.

Hyatt Training Portland personal trainer Lindsay Peterson
Hyatt Training Portland personal trainer Lindsay Peterson

Hyatt Training Portland personal trainer Lindsay Peterson

Lindsay Peterson

Personal Trainer

Personality: Empathetic, grounded, reliable, motivated

Certifications: Personal Trainer (ACE)

Education: Bachelor of Science in Biology from Portland State University; Nutrition studies at North Seattle College

Proudest athletic achievements:

1. Pegboard champion of middle school, 2. backpacked 300 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail in 13 days

About me

The majority of my professional personal training experience has been within physical therapy clinics, helping clients pursue ongoing mobility and strength training to further their rehabilitation. I worked in this setting for a couple of years, and it provided me with a unique perspective that focuses on body mechanics and the intricacies of the musculoskeletal system.

I love working as a personal trainer. I enjoy the challenge of constantly learning and really value my role in my clients’ lives as someone they trust to help them along their fitness journey. I initially wanted to become a dietician to coincide with my interest in plant-based nutrition, but personal training allows me to engage with my clients on a more regular and consistent basis.

My success as a personal trainer isn’t all about the change in how my clients look; it’s also about their attitudes and perceptions around exercise that they carry forward. With that said, my longest-running client was a recovering quadriplegic. When we met, he was wheelchair-bound. In the last month we had together, I was training him just as hard as my other clients and he was always eager for more.

My ideal client is someone who is invested in making positive changes for their health and/or is interested in gaining a better understanding of body mechanics. I appreciate when clients ask questions and make an effort to become independent agents along their fitness journey. Clients choose to work with me because of my experience and background in exercise biomechanics. I invest a lot of time and energy into my clients and am intentional with programming, exercise selection and the one-on-one time we have together. I am constantly researching and learning to better myself as a trainer, and I enjoy sharing that knowledge with clients.


My specialty areas are injury prevention and rehabilitation, as well as mobility and functional movement. I’m a steadfast believer in the importance of building a strong and proper foundation.


My training philosophy is centered on continual lifelong learning that enables me to effectively empower my clients to make the lifestyle changes they want to make. I want my clients to have a positive and enjoyable relationship with exercise, and I help enable this by tailoring programs to suit my clients’ interests. I strive to make fitness as accessible and inclusive for everyone as possible. Mobility greatly affects quality of life, and I believe everyone should have the resources to live their best lives.

Outside the gym

I grew up mostly in the farmlands north of Spokane. After I left Spokane and finished school in Portland, I traveled abroad for a couple years before settling back in the U.S., initially in Seattle. I recently moved back to Portland and am enjoying all the pleasures of my new neighborhood in the Mississippi area.

Outside of the gym, I enjoy climbing, riding and fixing my bike, gardening, and cooking delicious vegan food. I also play for a LGBTQ+ soccer club and am a regular attendee at Portland Thorns soccer games. I love drinking beer (IPAs more specifically) and escaping into nature on the weekends. I’ve done some pretty extended international travel and love to swap stories with people.