Kaileigh Bautista

I fully believe that, with the right guidance, anyone can achieve the lifestyle that they want: A lifestyle with better balance, confidence & always good humor.

Hyatt Training Portland personal trainer Kaileigh Bautista
Hyatt Training Portland personal trainer Kaileigh Bautista

Hyatt Training Portland personal trainer Kaileigh Bautista

Kaileigh Bautista

Personal Trainer

Personality: Compassionate, enthusiastic, dynamic, intuitive

Certifications: ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, ISSA Certified Sports Nutritionist, Precision Nutrition Level 1, SBT Suspension Exercise Specialist

Education: Bachelor of science in Applied Health & Fitness with emphasis in Health Coaching from OHSU/PSU joint program

Proudest athletic achievements: Hiking 2.9 km (2,830 stairs) to the peak of Grouse Mountain in British Columbia in 40 minutes (ouch) and hip thrusting 2.5x my bodyweight!

About me

I decided to pursue a career in the health industry after my grandfather passed from Type II diabetes when I was 11 years old. I learned his health problems were a product of his lifestyle and that he could have largely prevented them through better health habits. This led me to pursue a degree in health and fitness where my passion for strength training led me to become a personal trainer.

I don’t just like my job, I love it! There’s nothing better than having a hand in improving someone’s long-term health. I love hearing that a client no longer has pain or that they have the endurance to walk up the stairs at work or that they can finally sleep through the night.

One of my favorite stories from personal training is about a 63-year-old grandmother I trained who had bad osteoarthritis and was about 60 pounds overweight—not a comfortable situation for her joints. After about 3-4 months of low-impact, full-body strength training, she came to a session one day beaming about her weekend with her grandchildren. She was able to walk the hills at the Christmas tree farm for the first time in seven years (since they were born) and pick a tree with them. She created a lifelong memory with her grandchildren that she otherwise wouldn’t have been able to do had she not sought my help.

My ideal client is willing to put in the effort to change but can also enjoy themselves throughout the process and have a good time learning about their body and health. I help clients move better, feel stronger and live more confidently.

Typically, most clients start working with me to lose body fat, gain strength and rebalance their overall musculature. However, most clients stay with me because we not only reach their goals, but we also connect on a deeper level and tackle life’s hurdles together (like when you accidentally tweak your back doing yard work over the weekend and we can rehab it together quickly that week).


My specialties are body recomposition (weight loss), strength building, hip/pelvic floor rehabilitation (lots of experience rehabbing mothers and female runners), hypertrophy (muscle gain/size), fitness for volleyball, injury prevention and pre/peri/post pregnancy.


You must learn a new way to think before you can master a new way to be. Personal training works best when you can really be open and vulnerable with your trainer—after all, it is personal training! It will be harder some days and then easier on others, but as long as you can make progress both mentally and physically, you will love your experience with a trainer.

Outside the gym

I’m from a small town in California called Morgan Hill, south of San Francisco. I lived there my whole life until 2014 when I moved to Portland for school, the great outdoors and the food scene! I currently live in Northwest Portland near Forest Park. I love how green and peaceful it is but still so close to the hubbub of the city.

Outside of the gym, I enjoy all things culinary (especially baking), hiking, snowboarding, stand up paddle boarding, wine tasting, reading, road trips, live music, international travel, dogs, and spending time with my friends and family.