Hallie Tobias

I’m committed to my client’s growth. I’m not afraid to push them to become the best version of themselves.

Hyatt Training Portland personal trainer Hallie Tobias
Hyatt Training Portland personal trainer Hallie Tobias

Hyatt Training Portland personal trainer Hallie Tobias

Hallie Tobias

Personal Trainer

Personality: Kind, motivating, positive, observant

Certifications: ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, Strongfirst SFG1 Kettlebell certification, 200-Hour Registered Yoga Instructor

Education: Bachelor of Science in exercise science from Willamette University

Proudest athletic achievements: Nailing my first free-standing handstand, obtaining my StrongFirst SFG Level 1 Kettlebell certification

About me

I’ve been in the industry since 2014. I became a certified personal trainer and added in one-on-one training along with group fitness to fulfill all the aspects of training that I love. I’ve always been involved in customer service in some way, and health and fitness have been a passion of mine my entire life so becoming a personal trainer was combining the best of both worlds.

I love connecting with people and helping take control of their health. It is so rewarding for me to be a part of a person’s journey as they gain more confidence in the gym, strengthen their bodies then watching that have a profound effect on the rest of their life.

My ideal client is someone who is in it for the long game and willing to put in consistent effort. They are focused on quality of movement and, despite their fears and insecurities, has managed to step into the gym and make their health a priority.

I help my clients by getting to know who they are outside the gym, what motivates them and what they struggle with—in other words, the whole picture. Understanding my clients as individuals allows me to better assist them in reaching their goals and keeping them accountable. I strive to create a positive and welcoming atmosphere in the gym, which can be an intimidating place for many people.


I specialize in strength training. With every client, I first build a strong foundation with proper movement patterns and core work. A main focus of mine is training with kettlebells because their versatility applies to building strength and lean muscle, losing unwanted body fat and improving functional movements. I love incorporating high intensity interval training (HIIT) for a fun conditioning effect and to promote weight loss.


Train consistently and with purpose. Becoming stronger extends beyond our physical bodies and has profound effects on our mental and emotional well-being as well. When you can find empowerment through training, you become a more resilient person in every aspect of your life.

Outside the gym

I’m from Portland, Oregon but spent most of my childhood in Sedona, Arizona, before moving back to Portland before high school.

I love exploring Portland’s endless coffee shops and traveling to new places for my boyfriend’s triathlons. I enjoy learning more about fitness, nutrition and health, and I spend a lot of my free time immersed in the health industry and on self-experimentation.

I have a twin sister who is my lifelong workout buddy and a boyfriend who is a constant source of motivation and support (we all live together!).