Erin Moussallem

Personal training doesn’t have to be scary or intimidating. I help clients find a style of training that they look forward to and then encourage them every step of the way.

Hyatt Training personal trainer Erin Moussallem
Hyatt Training personal trainer Erin Moussallem

Hyatt Training Portland personal trainer Erin Moussallem

Erin Moussallem

Personal Trainer

Personality: Enthusiastic, supportive, adventurous, passionate

Certifications: Certified Personal Trainer (NASM)

Education: Bachelor of Arts Degree in English from Biola University

Proudest athletic achievements:

  • Completing two triathlons
  • Recently climbing Mount St. Helens

About me

I played sports throughout high school and college but fell out of a consistent exercise routine after starting a full-time office job. I made a commitment to myself several years ago to take ownership of my health and rediscovered the incredible benefits of regular exercise on both my physical and mental well-being. I decided to become a personal trainer when I realized it allowed me to do two of my very favorite things – teach and share my passion for health and fitness. Exercise has completely changed my life, and I wanted to share the lasting impacts of fitness with others.

I help my clients come up with specific, measurable and attainable goals with a timeline to achieve them. Clients appreciate my positivity and ability to make training fun. 


My specialties include endurance and strength training, high-intensity interval training, injury prevention, nutrition, weight loss, muscle gain, and confidence building. I particularly enjoy working with individuals who are seeking help with weight management and/or muscle growth through resistance training.


It’s important to create health and balance in all areas of our lives, and incorporating a consistent training program is an integral component of that. I believe in starting with the basics to build a strong foundation. This fosters lasting results and allows clients to see growth and measurable success along the way. Training keeps us physically fit, but it also teaches us self-discipline and the importance of taking ownership of our health.

Outside the gym

I spent much of my childhood in Brookings, Oregon, but moved around the West Coast quite a bit and lived in California for awhile. I’ve been in Portland for a little over two years and currently live in NE Portland. I absolutely love the city and the people here!

I love hiking and doing anything outdoors. My husband and I are always figuring out what our next adventure will be—whether it’s a weekend trip to a new place or a new trail to explore. We enjoy training together and usually have a race we’re gearing up for. We have a rescue pup named Trace who goes everywhere with us! We may be biased, but we think he’s the best dog ever 🙂