Elana Witt

With the right approach, everyone possesses the ability to get stronger and feel better, no matter where they’re starting from.

Hyatt Training Portland personal trainer Elana Witt

Hyatt Training personal trainer intern Elana Witt

Elana Witt

Personal Trainer

Personality: Adventurous, competitive, intellectual, creative

Certifications: NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Education: BFA Photography from California State University, Fullerton

Proudest athletic achievements: Completing a half marathon, getting and staying fit (and losing 35 pounds!) after several years of chronic illness

About me

My lifelong appreciation for being active transformed into a passion for fitness after struggling for several years with my weight, autoimmune disease, depression, and chronic pain. I was fed up with dead-end doctor’s visits and days spent stuck in bed. I knew I had to try something different in an effort to feel and function better–elimination diets and cardio exercise simply weren’t enough. I took to the internet, furiously researching the basics of weight training, quickly realizing there was a lot to learn. I knew I needed some guidance, pushing me to make the life-changing decision of hiring a personal trainer.

When I decided to show up for myself, stay consistent, and apply the expertise of a trainer, I got strong, lost 35 pounds, and learned to trust myself to do hard things. My chronic pain, fatigue, and depression completely diminished, and I fell in love with the empowerment that comes with lifting heavy things! Now, as a trainer, it is my desire to share the gift of strength and confidence that comes from getting fit and healthy.

What sets me apart as a trainer is my ability to form relatable connections with clients. I have struggled with my health and weight. I have struggled with consistency and motivation. I know what it’s like to feel awkward in the gym, having no idea where to start. As my client, I will get to know you well, fostering the deep trust that is critical to a successful trainer-trainee partnership. Once that trust is formed, I will help you crush your goals, get stronger, change your body, and gain confidence in yourself and what you’re capable of achieving. It doesn’t matter what your starting fitness level is, as long as you are committed, consistent, and willing to get out of your comfort zone.

I understand first-hand what makes Hyatt Training the perfect community in which to seek health, knowledge, and support. I started at Hyatt as a client, then moved into a personal training internship before becoming an independent trainer. It is amazing that my path came full circle, allowing me to give back to an industry and a business that helped me change my life.


Novice and intermediate strength training; women-focused fitness; fat loss; injury prevention; basic nutrition coaching and assessment; confidence building.


Using a well-planned approach to fitness (and a little patience!), clients can gain strength, confidence, and the ability to move better in their daily lives. I help clients achieve their goals through a trust-based partnership that incorporates consistency, hard-work, and a ton of fun.

Outside the gym

I was born and raised in Santa Cruz, California, then spent a decade living in Los Angeles and Orange County. My husband and I moved to Oregon in 2013 and we’ve been enjoying the gray skies and beautiful summers ever since.

I have been self-employed for 12 years as a wedding photographer, and often spend my summer weekends documenting great love stories. Being a creative person, I like to dabble in interior design, calligraphy, collaging, and painting. Of course, like any good Pacific Northwesterner, I love to be outdoors in nature hiking, camping, and visiting beautiful places. I adore coffee and drink it often (so often that I consider it a hobby).

My husband and I own Wildwood Taphouse in Hillsboro, where the community is warm and the beer is cold. We have a hilarious and spunky daughter, Hazel, who brings us immense joy with her jokes and her wild hair.