Colleen McGinnis

I believe that we are all capable of much more than we realize, and we owe it to ourselves to realize our full potential.

Hyatt Training Portland personal trainer Colleen McGinnis
Hyatt Training Portland personal trainer Colleen McGinnis

Hyatt Training Portland personal trainer Colleen McGinnis

Colleen McGinnis

Personal Trainer

Personality: Compassionate, adventurous, determined, goofy

Certifications: Doctor of Physical Therapy, Precision Nutrition Coach Level 1, Pelvic Health Physical Therapy Level 1 from the American Physical Therapy Association, SFMA-Certified in the Selective Functional Movement Assessment, Rock Tape and Blade Certified Specialist, Former CrossFit Level 1 trainer, Titleist Medical Professional Level 1 through the Titleist Performance Institute

Education: Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of South Florida, Bachelor’s degree in Health Science from the University of Central Florida

Proudest athletic achievements: All-state soccer player 4 years in a row, Olympic and sprint distance triathlete, learning to surf

About me

I’ve been involved in the fitness industry for over 16 years. I’ve been practicing physical therapy since 2008 in multiple outpatient and home care settings. I’ve also worked as a fitness consultant and a Crossfit athlete and coach for over six years. Recently, I was ready for a change of scenery. I wanted to live somewhere with four seasons and more outdoor adventures. I left Florida and set off on the road as a traveling physical therapist. For two years, I traveled all over the country treating patients. After spending part of that time in Oregon, I knew that I wanted to eventually come back to live in the northwest.

I’m passionate about the connection between health, recovery, longevity, sustainability and physical capabilities. Nutrition and fitness have been a big part of my life since an early age, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve become more aware of the connection that a balanced approach to training, nutrition and daily activity brings to our general health and happiness.

My ideal client is someone who’s focused on improving their health and fitness through a holistic and balanced approach. Sustainable changes are not achieved through strength training alone, but through a comprehensive strategy of fitness, better nutrition and personal well-being. I love working with people who appreciate this.

I bring a focused and fun approach to training that provides education and results. My clients often thank me for making sessions harder, yet more fun than they’re used to. My background in physical therapy allows me to assess abilities, injuries and physical limitations to personalize a program that fits their specific needs.


Strength training, high intensity interval training (HIIT), compound lifting, nutrition and macronutrient guidance, sports performance, physical and form assessment, and injury rehabilitation and prevention.


I have a functional approach to fitness, helping my clients improve and eliminate postural imbalances, rehabilitate new and old injuries, and deal with nutritional challenges. I strive to educate and instill consistency, sustainability, purpose and accountability with each client. With all of the obstacles in life, I want to help my clients find inspiration through fitness and nutrition, which leads to an unstoppable attitude and strength in other aspects of their lives.

Outside the gym

I’m from originally from Clearwater, Fla., one of the most beautiful beaches in America located on the Gulf Coast. Since moving here three years ago, I’m enjoying all that Oregon has to offer—hiking, camping, climbing and exploring. I’m learning to kiteboard, and my fiancé and I are busy remodeling our 1920s bungalow in St. Johns. I enjoy continuing my education and personal development and have recently set up my own nutrition coaching business and website.