Bevin Victoria

I want to help you change your body and feel great. All the positive things that I say are 100% genuine. I am just that pumped about helping you get pumped!

Hyatt Training Portland personal trainer Hyatt Training Portland personal trainer Bevin Victoria
Hyatt Training Portland personal trainer Bevin Victoria

Portland personal trainer Bevin Victoria

Bevin Victoria

Personal Trainer

Personality: Rambunctious, jovial, sometimes intimidatingly intense, passionate

Certifications: Certified Personal Trainer (NASM) , Low Back Injury Prevention Specialist, Corrective Exercise Specialist

Education: Associate’s degree in physics from Mt. Hood Community College; Undergraduate studies at Portland State University in physics and history

Proudest athletic achievements:

  • Competed in Nationals for tae kwon do three times, each time finishing in the top three. I hold multiple national qualifier titles and state titles for tae kwon do
  • Competed in the Oregon State Games in 2010 years after retiring from gymnastics and won silver on floor
  • First American to win the International Tribal Star Award (Germany) for dance

About me

As a life-long competitive athlete in gymnastics, martial arts and dance, I have always been fascinated by the potential of the human body and what it can achieve. I later discovered that I loved working on the other side of the athlete/coach relationship and got certified as a personal trainer.

My ideal client is someone who has the focus and ambition to make lasting, positive change in their life. People are unhappy when they don’t feel good. If I can change that, even for one person, then I feel like I’ve made a difference. Some people want to lose 30 pounds in two months but don’t believe they can. Your attitude is just as important as the physical work you are doing. Being honest with yourself about how much of you is being committed to this process will also determine your success.

Clients come to me because they know they will be pushed. My intensity and passion for what I do come through as well (I’m pretty bad at hiding how much I love what I do.) I also remind clients not to take themselves too seriously. I encourage growth and breakthroughs with positivity and light-heartedness during those tough moments in the gym. I love watching people grow, make new connections in their bodies and learn to appreciate what they can do.


Bodyweight training is my specialty. I love figuring out new and interesting ways to move your body in order to support whatever your goals are. I feel like we have this amazing machine, and we hardly ever take the time to get to know it well. Also, I love to draw in movements/conditioning from tae kwon do, gymnastics and dance.


Consistency is key to lasting change. I really believe that success is about the constant climb. Personal training is like getting oil changes for your car. The consistent care and maintenance of your body will lead to lasting health.

Outside the gym

I live on the West side of Portlandia with the coolest husband in the world and the best daughter in history. I love doing medieval reenactments, cooking over campfires, free running and Parkour, target archery, swimming, playing at the park with my little girl and going to drive-ins.

Bevin Victoria is not currently accepting new clients.