Ben Burke

I am personal training because I love empowering others with the courage to face their true selves and take control of their lives so that together we can enrich our communities.

Hyatt Training Portland physical therapist personal trainer Ben Burke

Ben Burke

Personal Trainer

Personality: Persistent, empathetic, detail-oriented, friendly

Certifications: Certified Personal Trainer (NASM), Corrective Exercise Specialist (International Sports Sciences Association)

Education: Bachelor of Arts from Multnomah University with an emphasis in Leadership and Communication

Proudest athletic achievements:

  • Have summited both Mount Rainier in 2015 and Mount Cameroon (the tallest mountain in Western and Central Africa) in 2011
  • Gained 30 pounds of lean body mass in under a year
  • Played soccer at the university level

About me

I help clients develop both the grit and the patience to see big changes. I am understanding and compassionate, but I hold my clients to a high standard and am persistent to see people break through their perceived limits. I care about people and facilitate an environment where just about anyone can feel both motivated and comfortable.

With that being said, on this journey I am not your guru or sage, I am your guide. I am here to walk by your side and facilitate the journey you are embarking on. I will keep reminding you of what matters most to you and keep you focused on your goals.

The body is amazing at adapting. You are where you are today, for better or for worse, because your body has adapted to your circumstances and environment. Part of the work we do together is determining the signals your body needs in order to adapt in the direction of your goals.

Any decision to change requires hard work and dedication, but along the way change can also be a lot of fun. Given the right patience and plan you can see the progress you long for and you don’t have to work yourself to the bone doing things you despise to achieve your goals. It should feel tailored to you and like it can fit into your lifestyle. I will help you see the results you are looking for and also estimate a realistic time frame to get you there.


Metabolic reconditioning (getting a slow and misfiring metabolism back up to speed through exercise and nutrition), strength training, muscle gain, confidence building, injury prevention, correcting muscle imbalances, movement pattern breakdowns and pain/mobility issues.


I strongly believe a robust metabolism is the most sustainable way to stay fit and healthy for the long term. Metabolism is like a muscle and will grow with the right signals. A strong metabolism is setting you up so that your body does the work for you to keep you fit and trim. Doing work to bolster and reinforce your metabolism pays dividends for the rest of your life.

Beyond that, the longer I train the more I realize that the crux of my job isn’t just about the perfect workout program or the best meal plan. I love a good workout and I really enjoy the strategy of an effective meal plan, but long-term lifestyle change has a lot more to do with a series of behaviors that add up to an overall lifestyle of health and fitness. Consequently, choosing the right behavior changes in the right order at the right pace is a much bigger piece of the art of change psychology. Furthermore, it’s what you will carry with you wherever you go.

Outside the gym

I live in Beaverton with my amazing wife of 2 years. We really enjoy working out together, and she was my first success story as a personal trainer. She makes me better every day and is amazing at challenging me to the next level. We also both enjoy cooking, eating good food and playing games with friends.

Activity has always been a necessary outlet for me to stay centered and clear my mind. Over the years I have done a wide variety of activities but these days the most consistent form of activity I do is weight training but I also love playing ultimate frisbee, spikeball and soccer as well as going on walks through the neighborhoods around home.

I also enjoy music and played guitar and sang in a small neighborhood band for about ten years.