Amanda Meyer

Each person matters and has his or her own story. It’s important to pay attention and listen; you never know whom you can help!

Hyatt Training Portland personal trainer Amanda Meyer
Hyatt Training Portland personal trainer Amanda Meyer

Portland personal trainer Amanda Meyer

Amanda Meyer

Personal Trainer

Personality: Supportive, competitive, goal oriented

Certifications: PTA Global Certified Personal Trainer, CGS1 (RunLab Certified Gait Specialist)

Education: BA in Mass Communication, University of Minnesota, 2000

Proudest athletic achievements:

Climbing Mount Hood and Monkey Face

About me

After working for 17 years as senior marketing manager and director of investor relations in the financial services industry, I decided to make a career change and become a personal trainer. Throughout my professional career, I had always been active and involved in fitness in some way. I was a group fitness instructor at a local CrossFit gym on evenings and weekends for many years before becoming a personal trainer.

My ultimate goal is to see people achieve success. It’s incredibly satisfying to see someone run faster, lift more weight, gain more mobility, or achieve whatever goal they may have. I want clients to be more fulfilled in life as a result of the work they do in the gym. I’ve personally experienced a significant and positive impact from physical fitness, and I want to help others experience the same.

I offer a nonjudgemental, supportive environment for my clients. I listen to each person’s goals and help them achieve their potential; no single plan works for everyone. My ideal client is anyone who is willing to put in the work, try new things and go outside their comfort zone to grow and achieve success.


I take a holistic approach to training. I love interval training mixed with strength and mobility.


Train smart to play more. I use multiple disciplines and tools to create a unique training environment to create better, stronger, faster and healthier people. I want clients to be able to transfer the work and training they do in the gym to all aspects of their life. We all deserve health and happiness, and with proper guidance we each have the capacity to succeed in whatever we choose to do. We are capable of far more than we give ourselves credit for. Our biggest competition is ourselves.

Outside the gym

I’m originally from Aitkin, Minn., ( a very small town in central Minnesota) and currently live in Portland.

Amanda Meyer is not currently accepting new clients.

I love to be outside as much as possible—trail running and rock climbing are two of my favorite things. I also enjoy reading, skiing, traveling and listening to podcasts! I’m usually up for anything, as long as it doesn’t involve snakes or strange food.

My husband Chris and I have been married for 12 years. We have two very active boys, Max (7) and Finn (almost 5), and a labradoodle named Lucca.