Hyatt Training reviews

Portland personal trainer reviews of Hyatt Training by Eric Sandstrom

Jeremy Hyatt has created an extremely fun, supportive and team-oriented environment. He continues to coach and push me to do better. I feel that I have finally found a workout program that works for me and my crazy schedule. Hyatt Training has become an important part of my life and schedule.”

Eric Sandstrom, Hyatt Training client since 2013

Portland personal trainer reviews Hyatt Training by Suzanne McKenzie

“It’s motivating to be part of a group of professionals all working together to create maximum improvements for every individual who walks through the door. I love showing up to the studio and seeing a wide variety of abilities all training together. It’s a great blend of individual training in the context of community.”

Suzanne McKenzie, Hyatt Training client since 2014

Hyatt Training has best Portland personal trainers by Duncan Kretovich

“My favorite things about Hyatt Training are Jeremy’s patience, knowledge and persistence and the friendly atmosphere and interaction with other clients and this community. My workouts are personalized to meet my changing needs. And my yoga sessions with Lee Carson are very encouraging and instructive.”

– Duncan Kretovich, Hyatt Training client since 2005

Portland personal trainer review for Hyatt Training by Melanie Webb

“I like the camaraderie when everyone is there sweating and suffering together. And I like that each week there are new workouts on the boards, and Jeremy is always changing things up with equipment. It’s always great that when you come in to work out, you don’t have to figure out what to do—there are new workouts written on the board each week.”

Melanie Webb, Hyatt Training client since 2013

Best Portland personal trainer review Hyatt Training by Joe Safirstein

“I suppose the best thing about Hyatt Training is, well … Jeremy Hyatt! Short of family, I’d say it’s not possible to feel more supported, motivated and encouraged by another person. Nearly a decade into the process, having regular sessions three times a week, I’m constantly amazed that our routines are always changing and evolving. An excellent coach knows how to motivate his athlete—that’s a real talent that Jeremy does well.”

Joe Safirstein, Hyatt Training client since 2005

Portland personal trainer review for Hyatt Training by Leslie Brown

“I love that Jeremy is always mixing up my workouts to keep them interesting and balanced. I’m always learning something new, whether in a session or by attending the lecture series. The studio feels like a real community with everyone supporting each other, and the physical space itself is great with all the natural light and welcoming design.”

– Leslie Brown, Hyatt Training client since 2012

Hyatt Training Portland personal trainer review by Richard Meeker

“When I was in my mid-50s, I started worrying that my running days soon would be numbered. Someone suggested I check in with Jeremy Hyatt. I’ve been seeing him twice a week ever since and am still running strong. He knows what he’s doing and is a joy to work with, even after all these years.”

– Richard Meeker, Hyatt Training client since 2005

Hyatt Training Portland personal trainer review by Michael Leland

“Before I completely committed to working with Jeremy, I tried to run the Portland Marathon using my own training plan. I bonked at mile 21 and didn’t finish the race. Twelve months later, with Jeremy’s help, I not only finished the Portland Marathon, but I qualified for the Boston Marathon. After running Boston, I decided to start competing in triathlons … despite the fact that I didn’t own a bike and I literally couldn’t swim! Jeremy has worked with me to overcome these deficiencies, and I recently completed a Half Ironman. There is absolutely no way this would’ve been possible without Jeremy’s coaching and training plans.”

Michael Leland, Hyatt Training client since 2007

Hyatt Training Portland personal trainer review by Sheri Hare

“The crew I run with has made so many comments about how much stronger my running is since I’ve been working with Jeremy!”

– Sheri Hare, Hyatt Training client since January 2015

Hyatt Training Portland personal trainer review by Roland Carfagno

“I’ve been training with Jeremy Hyatt since 2007. Over the past years, I have gone from a guy who never really swam, biked a little and ran even less to completing an Ironman with a huge smile and a great time (30 minutes faster than my goal). Through the years, I have had great training but even more importantly made great connections with amazing people. We train hard, and we have fun! I love these guys!”

– Roland Carfagno, Hyatt Training client since 2007

“I started training with Jeremy about 10 years ago when I was just a recreational runner a couple days a week. Both of the last two years I have qualified for the Olympic Distance Triathlon Age Group National Championships, not bad for someone who could hardly swim and wasn’t riding a bike when I started.”

– Don Geddes, Hyatt Training client since 2005