We’re committed to advancing the field of personal training, and helping to build the next generation of professionals. Over the last year, we’ve been fortunate to have the help of student interns just starting their careers.

This winter and spring, we’re excited to welcome (left to right in picture above): Amanda, Jayce, Taylor and Sarah to Hyatt Training.

Our personal training internship program is special for several reasons. First, our interns are given the opportunity to work alongside some of the most experienced personal trainers in Portland. On any given day they see a large variety of training styles and a wide range of clients giving them a chance to sift through an expanse of information for the elements that will be most important to them.

At the same time, they are given more freedom for hands on experience than most programs I know of. Our weekly workouts on the chalkboard are a perfect opportunity for our interns to hone their program design and coaching skills. They get to facilitate new workouts each week with clients who come in for workouts to supplement their training sessions. As clients, you also get more personal attention and the assurance that you’re doing the movements correctly and getting the most out of your time. I encourage you to take advantage of those workouts and the extra attention we are able to provide!

Our interns come from all over, including Oregon State, Washington State and Colorado State. Students completing college programs in Exercise Science are now required to perform internships from 200-600 hours. We have also drawn interest from trainers and coaches looking to build stronger skill sets in the field and who then come in as pure volunteers looking to be the best personal trainers they can be. We currently have interns available from 5am-4pm everyday to help clients navigate the weekly workouts.

A litte more about the current team:

  • Amanda is a yoga instructor from NYC looking to break into the personal training business.
  • Jayce is a student at Colorado State finishing a degree in Exercise Science.
  • Taylor recently graduated from Oregon State with a degree in Exercise Science.
  • Sarah is the head coach of the Sunset High School women’s basketball team and looking to diversify her skill set as a coach and personal trainer.