Keep your workouts fresh by changing your perspective. Check out personal trainer and LMT Tyler Kragerud’s tip to stay engaged and present.

“Rethink how you exercise as an expression of your being in that moment versus another task to check off the list. This will help draw your attention toward what you really need to feel good in your body- time to breathe and recover, heavy weights to feel strong, spontaneous dancing with laughter, intense sprinting for freedom, or movement flow for creativity. Maybe a combination is what will fuel your workout the best. A simple change in mindset and intention can make a monotonous routine fun again.”

Tyler Kragerud

Tyler’s personal training philosophy

Hyatt Training Portland personal trainer Tyler KragerudTrain smart before you train hard. Learn how to move well before you go long distances or add heavy weights. Personal training is not only about exercise but also about how to adopt a healthy lifestyle to improve the quality of your life.

I am a personal trainer as well as a fascial stretch therapist. My specialty is helping people increase usable strength, stamina and flexibility.

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