Personal trainer Amanda Meyer recently completed a weekend studying Strong Endurance with industry legend Pavel Tsatsouline, founder of StrongFirst, Inc. Check out her number one take-away!

“Train smart. Quality of movements is far more important than quantity. Take your time to plan and prepare for sessions. Each one should have a purpose that is specific to the individual.

Programming is the foundation of personal training. The Strong Endurance seminar gave me more tools to train my diverse client base as efficiently and effectively as possible. My number one goal with clients is to have the work that takes place in the gym transfer to a healthier balanced life outside the gym; having the proper tools to achieve this is critical to success.

Pavel and the Strong Endurance seminar went deep into the science behind the why and how to develop a strong program depending on the client and their needs. Developing a strong aerobic base, building muscle, having strength endurance and recovery all play an important piece in being well-rounded.”

Amanda Meyer

Amanda’s personal training philosophy

Portland personal trainer Amanda MeyerTrain smart to play more. I use multiple disciplines and tools to create a unique training environment to create better, stronger, faster and healthier people. I want clients to be able to transfer the work and training they do in the gym to all aspects of their life. We all deserve health and happiness, and with proper guidance we each have the capacity to succeed in whatever we choose to do. We are capable of far more than we give ourselves credit for.


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