Many people struggle with tightness in their bodies, and also time to incorporate a full-on yoga or stretching session. Check out personal trainer and Fascial Stretch Therapist Tyler Kragerud’s tip to help ease your stiffness.

“Make an effort to get out of your chair or desk and sit on the floor at least 3 times each day for a few minutes. This can be easily timed with your meals. When we sit on the floor our bodies can find opening, stability and a sense of grounding that is natural for our joints and soft tissues. Any position goes as long as it’s pain-free. Patience is key when it comes to floor-sitting. It can take months of regular sitting for the joints and connective tissues to respond. Taking little bits of time more frequently to sit this way is better than one intense session once per week.”

Tyler Kragerud

Tyler’s personal training philosophy

Hyatt Training Portland personal trainer Tyler KragerudTrain smart before you train hard. Learn how to move well before you go long distances or add heavy weights. Personal training is not only about exercise but also about how to adopt a healthy lifestyle to improve the quality of your life.

I am a personal trainer as well as a fascial stretch therapist. My specialty is helping people increase usable strength, stamina and flexibility.

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