Participating in an upcoming relay? Personal trainer Amanda Meyer has participated in many Hood to Coast relays. Check out her tips to make the most of your race experience!

Fuel: we all have individual fueling needs, tolerances and preferences. Be sure to incorporate pre and post training fuel into your routine well before the relay so you know what works for your body. Introducing or sharing on the days of the relay can lead to GI distress.

Training: the distances and elevation gain of each leg can vary significantly. Train on terrain that is similar to your legs. You should be ramping up your mileage at a steady pace leading up to the race. Too sudden of an increase in mileage or total elevation gain can lead to injury.

Recovery: after you finish up running, take a few minutes to get your heart rate recovered and cool down while you walk back to the van. The worst thing you can do is finish running and immediately sit down in a crammed van without cooling down. Stretch between legs and every time you get out of the van.

Hydration: water, water, water. Be sure to stay hydrated as many relays don’t have water stops along the way. It’s a good idea to have an electrolyte as well. Especially on the hot days.

Sleep: Have realistic expectations of how much sleep you will be getting. Rest leading up to your event and when possible in the van.

Finally: HAVE FUN, enjoy the scenery and camaraderie that relays bring.”

Amanda Meyer

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