‘Tis the season for roadblocks and detours to your nutrition plan popping up EVERYWHERE you turn. Stay the course with this tip from Yoga instructor Lee Carson, during the holidays and always.

I love incorporating hard boiled eggs into my afternoon snacks. I find that in general, a hardboiled egg is a protein packed snack that fills me up enough to keep me out of the cheese and crackers while I make dinner. For evenings that will entail opportunities for lots of eating without a real dinner (cocktail party? Happy hour?) a couple hard boiled eggs paired with an apple will tide me over and help me to stick to my goals of eating whole, minimally processed foods. Like everything, having a plan helps to keep us on our paths without taking an unintended detours that we may regret.

Worried about too many eggs in your diet? Check out the informational Q&A post all about eggs featuring cardiologist Alison Fulmer and functional nutritionist Megan Barnett.

Lee Carson

Lee’s personal training philosophy

Hyatt Training portland personal trainer yoga instructor Lee CarsonOur bodies are incredibly efficient. If there are joints, muscles and functions that we don’t use, our body stops maintaining those areas, putting attention to what we do use. Yoga is a powerful way to keep our joints moving, our muscles at their proper length and fresh, oxygenated, nutrient-rich blood moving throughout our system. These aspects make yoga a tonic of youth.


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