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“My favorite primal posture is the squat because it’s so necessary for a balanced thriving lifestyle. By regularly spending time in the squat we can maintain ankle, knee, and hip mobility as well as a strong core and spine. As humans, we need to squat to perform everyday functions.”

Tyler Kragerud

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Primal Postures for Modern Living details 10 natural postures we can use to sit on the floor versus sitting in one position in a chair. These 10 postures are fundamental for our innate joint mobility starting from when we were infants. By sitting on the floor we can enhance our mobility, posture, recovery, and sense of grounding on a day-to-day basis. It’s a zero-cost solution that is accessible to everyone, but often overlooked in modern culture. I hope to spread the knowledge that staying flexible and healthy can be simple when implementing solutions into our daily lives such as the primal postures.

Tyler’s personal training philosophy

Hyatt Training Portland personal trainer Tyler KragerudTrain smart before you train hard. Learn how to move well before you go long distances or add heavy weights. Personal training is not only about exercise but also about how to adopt a healthy lifestyle to improve the quality of your life.

I am a personal trainer as well as a licensed massage therapist and fascial stretch therapist. My specialty is helping people increase usable strength, stamina and flexibility.

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