Long distance hiking can be a great goal to help keep your fitness on track. Personal trainer and LMT Tyler Kragerud recently hiked the Loowit trail which circumnavigates Mount St. Helens in 31.9 miles. Check out his tip for preparing for long distance hiking.

“When it comes to training for long distance hikes, having a strong foundation in strength, flexibility, and conditioning is vital. Finding the right balance between those three variables will enable you to be comfortable pushing your limits when necessary and feeling confident about what your capable of. In the wilderness, there are so many external conditions that can hinder your progress. When you’re in-tune and confident with your ability to perform, it gives you a mental and physical edge to succeed.”

Tyler Kragerud

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Tyler’s personal training philosophy

Hyatt Training Portland personal trainer Tyler KragerudTrain smart before you train hard. Learn how to move well before you go long distances or add heavy weights. Personal training is not only about exercise but also about how to adopt a healthy lifestyle to improve the quality of your life.

I am a personal trainer as well as a licensed massage therapist and fascial stretch therapist. My specialty is helping people increase usable strength, stamina and flexibility.

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