At a recent workshop, personal trainer Jeremy Hyatt had the chance to breakdown the Turkish Get Up and barbell snatch. Check out his insight in to these seemingly simple movements.

“The simplest movements are sometimes the most complex. We spent one hour each on the Turkish Get Up (TGU) and the Barbell Snatch. Both movements seem to be pretty straightforward. On the TGU you are simply moving from the floor to a standing position and the Snatch just gets the barbell from the floor to overhead as fast as possible. However, in an hour discussion on each activity there was no way we could cover all the elements of good mechanics, cover all the questions, or perfect the form of 60 fitness professionals.

I’d like to start a series of form workshops at Hyatt Training for some of the most used movement patterns we use at the studio. Squats, deadlifts, Kettlebell Swings, Turkish Get Ups, etc. I am envisioning a 1.5 hour Saturday workshop to come in and perfect your movement patterns. This way we can spend less time teaching and more time doing during sessions! Stay tuned…”

Jeremy Hyatt

Jeremy’s personal training philosophy

Portland personal trainer Jeremy HyattIt’s important to start with the basics and move from there. Too often, people get into complicated movements and goals before they have the proper fundamentals, which can lead to negative results.

My number one job is to get my clients stronger for the things they want and need to do.


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