Measurement is a key component to attaining any goal you’ve set. Unless you have a baseline starting point and quantifiable metrics taken at specific times, you can’t know if you’re making any real progress. Personal trainer Erin Seekins shares her take on measuring health and fitness progress.

“Using baseline measurements is an integral part of any fitness program. Baseline measurements are tools used to gauge progress, and help identify strengths and weaknesses. They provide a benchmark for a starting point, and serve as a road map for improving your fitness. It is important it use baseline measurements not only at the start of your program, but also periodically through out. This will help you gauge whether you’re getting better, staying the same, or getting worse. If your measurements indicate the later two, you know to make adjustments in your program. It is important that you select measurements that are applicable to your goals, and that you keep them consistent throughout your fitness program

Recently, I embarked on a new fitness journey to drastically improve my athletic performance in obstacle course racing. My test included a series of four baseline trials: maximum number of burpees in 5 minutes, maximum number of pull ups, maximum distance ran on a treadmill at 15% incline for 15 minutes, and a time trial run for 2 miles. I enjoy keeping myself just as accountable as I do my clients!”

Erin Seekins

Erin’s personal training philosophy

Portland personal trainer Erin SeekinsMy training philosophy is simplicity. One of the main reasons people have a hard time maintaining an active lifestyle is because things get too complicated and stressful. I believe that being fit and healthy is not a quick fix, but rather something that should be sustained your entire life. As your personal trainer, I’m here to facilitate and guide you, but you have to put in the work.


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