Our friends at KGW News Channel 8 called to ask owner and personal trainer Jeremy Hyatt about the best way to tone up arms for summer. Check out the clip from his appearance, and read on to learn what this 20 year fitness industry veteran recommends to look (and more importantly feel!) your best this summer.

“While arms are important, programs that are well balanced have the best success. You can’t bicep curl your way to a great “summer body”. Any program that involves muscle definition starts with nutrition. Eating right not only fuels muscle growth but improves body composition making the muscles more defined. There are tons of body weight exercises you can do with zero equipment. From there adding bands or light dumbbells is an easy way to increase load without big cost or space considerations. Muscles respond well to volume. Hitting the gym once a week is not enough. Success comes with consistency – a little every day is way better than one or two hard workouts a week.”

Watch the clip from KGW News Channel 8: Summer arm tone up

Jeremy Hyatt

Jeremy’s personal training philosophy

Portland personal trainer Jeremy HyattIt’s important to start with the basics and move from there. Too often, people get into complicated movements and goals before they have the proper fundamentals, which can lead to negative results.

My number one job is to get my clients stronger for the things they want and need to do.


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