With so many of our traditional indoor workout facilities closed or unavailable, it is time to get creative! We are so very fortunate to live in a city with mild weather and many outdoor workout options. Here are a few ideas to get you outside this winter!


Portland is truly unique in its proximity to so many well maintained hiking trails. Right in the heart of downtown we have Forest Park. This park is an embarrassment of riches, as the largest urban forest in the United States, it boasts 80+ miles of trails and roads.

Try the Leif Erickson Road Trail, which is wide enough to accommodate social distancing if you want to hike with a friend. The Pittock Mansion hike is a quick jaunt from Hyatt Training and boasts a stunning skyline view at the top. Check out alltrails.com for information on each hike in the park and where to find trailheads.

Another great hiking option near the zoo is Hoyt Arboretum. If you have children, this is the hiking destination for you. Each trail is clearly labeled and there are many informative signs explaining the trees and plant life featured in the area.


Biking is one of the best ways to explore this city. Kelly Point Park in the Northwest corner of Portland has an 8 mile paved bike path with stunning views of the beach. If you are ready for a longer ride, the Eastbank Esplanade is easily accessed from downtown Portland and stretches for a few miles before dumping you right onto the 21 mile Springwater Corridor. Check out spinlister.com for more details on how to access these rides.

Run or Trail Run

Try going for a jog on one of the hiking trails mentioned above. If you prefer flat surfaces for running, one of the most popular running routes is along the waterfront in downtown Portland. There is no car traffic to worry about, and the many bridges provide visual interest along the route. Go early on a Saturday or Sunday morning and you’ll be in the company of many other happy Portland joggers.


Ready for a challenge? Stair workouts are among the most cardiovascularly intense types of exercise. I recommend the staircases at the main entrance to Mt. Tabor which are wide and allow for plenty of space. Try climbing to the top 2 or 3 times, then use your walk back down the stairs as your rest in between sets.

Gearing Up

The best way to enjoy your time outside is to make sure you have the right gear. There is no bad weather, just bad clothing. If you feel warm and comfortable, you’ll be more likely to make outdoor activities a habit. Don’t be afraid to layer up when you first head out. You can always take off layers of clothing as you warm up from your workout. Opt for bright, visible colors, and make sure your shoes have traction and won’t slip in mud or on wet leaves. In cold weather it is critical to warm up your body before starting your workout as you are at a higher risk for sprains and strains. Try a dynamic warmup from the Hyatt Training app before you head out to get your blood pumping.

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