One hallmark of Hyatt Training since our inception has been cleanliness. It didn’t happen by chance, of course. We offer a high-end service and believe whole heartedly that the environment where our members come for said service should be equally high end. To us that means no dust bunnies, no dog hair, no grimy walls, the list goes on.

Enter COVID and our cleaning game went to the next level. Our protocols are well documented and we feel strong about the environment we’re able to offer.

This week we’re adding NYTimes top-rated Blueair Blue Pure 211+ air purifiers throughout the studio. As the winter months approach we feel good about being able to add another component that helps us provide the best air possible while using HEPA type filtration to capture COVID, cold and flu particles.

We’ve used Clear Gear to keep our floors disinfected since moving into the Fitzgibbons building. Upon re-opening we incorporated this EPA-approved product into the between-session-disinfecting for all weights and equipment. This week we took delivery of two more 5 gallon buckets!

People soar when they feel comfortable. We offer high end service, and believe our environment should be equally high end. We do everything we can to ensure that each and every day.

In health,
Lee & Jeremy

Hyatt Training newsletter signupHyatt Training is owned and operated by husband-wife team Jeremy Hyatt and Lee Carson. They bring 30+ years of professional experience to Hyatt Training and are dedicated to creating the best Portland personal training gym for members and trainers alike.

Jeremy and Lee created Hyatt Training because they believed whole-heartedly that one-on-one personal training is the best way to get the most out of your workout time and reach optimal results. Learn more about them, or get in touch with them by emailing