Check out our favorite workout to do while traveling! A tabata is an interval set that is 4:00 minutes long, and includes :20 seconds of full effort followed by :10 seconds of rest (8 rounds total in the 4 minutes).

Stay on track

We love this workout for it’s simplicity and because it requires zero equipment. Follow along with our Strength 1.0 workout (download and print out the PDF if you like!) for detailed explanations of each strength workout.

For the tabata sets, we recommend downloading an interval timer (here’s one that’s already set to tabata), but you can also time yourself with any stopwatch. A tabata is 4:00 minutes total effort comprised of 8 sets of :20 seconds full effort :10 seconds rest. You can use the metabolic exercises we outline here, or use anything you like as long as it gets your heart rate up.

Depending on how much time you have, complete one or two sets of each exercise followed by a tabata set.


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