Going back to our member survey this summer we received comments both thanking us for allowing the barefoot workouts at the studio and asking us to stop them because, well, some people think that feet are gross. Know that this is something we have thought about and discussed from the inception of the studio and here’s where we stand.

Our studio is cleaned and sanitized each week. This is something we pride ourselves on and dedicate a lot of resources towards. Know that the mats, the floor and the equipment are cleaned and sanitized regularly and thoroughly. We also ask that any members who know they have skin issues with their feet wear socks and shoes when using the space – we expect and trust our members to monitor themselves when it comes to public health.

At the same, we believe in both the power of the feet in the strength chain and the negative impact most shoes have on this chain. Our wish would be for all members to have a pair of lightweight, low profile and wide toe boxed training shoes to keep at the gym (there’s a bin for that) so that they are clean, safe and close to ground. Wearing your running shoes to the gym, especially in the winter months, likely drags in more gross stuff than you could ever find on someone’s bare feet. In lieu of specific training shoes, we allow members to choose to work out in bare feet or socks if they wish.

We understand that people have strong feelings on certain policies, so if you’d like to talk more about our reasoning for anything we do (or don’t do) please feel free to reach out to Lee or I. To us, no detail is too small to consider carefully.

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