Special thanks to Ryan Bowen of Haumanu for sharing powerful insights about the foods we consume at our lecture series on February 11. He touched on many different aspects of food, providing knowledge about topics such as preservatives, “natural and artificial” descriptions and high fructose corn syrup.

We learned what MSG really is, the impact it has on our bodies and the myriad of names it could be called. We learned about farming practices and why ecoli is more prevalent among grain-fed versus grass-fed cattle, and what this means for OUR health. His presentation was truly expansive and I have only touched on a few highlights here.

Some key takeaway tips: Avoid processed foods with more than 5-8 ingredients in them. Eat raw honey when you can. Avoid food coloring like the plague – especially for kids. Organics really do matter. Pesticide residue and farming practices aside, studies show that organic foods are 25% more nutrient dense. Every time we eat, we are either feeding disease or fighting it.

We love learning and sharing important knowledge. Check out Ryan’s handout – perfect to print and put on your refrigerator – with the “clean 15” and “dirty dozen” that you can reference when making choices about what gets precedent when you buy organic produce.

Here’s also a little more detail about the nutritional therapy process that Ryan uses with his clients.

Save the date for our next lecture: Wednesday, March 11 at 6:00 p.m. The science of fascia with Tyler Kragerud.