The shoulders can be tricky for everyone, from aches and pain to posture and strength. Check out personal trainer Hayden Olson’s tip for exercises to do at the gym to keep your shoulders at their best.

“The shoulder joint and scapula are by nature unstable and complex. It’s important to maintain good posture so that shoulder can function properly. The gym is a great place to counteract all the forward rounding our shoulders get all day long with phone, driving and computer activities. A simple exercise like a posterior fly with a stretch band, a row on the TRX or the “crucifix” stretch on a foam roller can be a great place to start. “

Hayden Olson

Hayden’s personal training philosophy

Portland personal trainer Hayden OlsonMy goal is to optimize performance in all of my clients so they can live a healthy, pain-free life. I encourage my clients to strive for progress, not perfection. When training, you don’t have to have an Excel spreadsheet tracking every statistic, but you do need to enter the gym with a goal in mind. I focus on movement patterns over single parts of the body. In order to develop synergy within the body, I work on movements that directly translate into everyday life.

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