It’s important for workouts to be balanced with different types of movement patterns. Check out personal trainer Hayden Olson’s tip and definition of the three planes of movement.

“A good workout includes all three planes of movement. Sagittal plane is front to back. Most “gym” exercises and machines occur here (think biceps curl). The frontal plane is side to side. Lots of stabilizers in this plane to support sagittal plane movement (think jumping jacks). The transverse plane is rotational and can either be direct rotation or prevention of rotation (think bicycle crunches or cable twists). Many of the activities we do outside the gym involve only one plane of movement (forward and back), like running or cycling. It’s important to incorporate the other planes during our time in the gym. “

Hayden Olson

Hayden’s personal training philosophy

Portland personal trainer Hayden OlsonMy goal is to optimize performance in all of my clients so they can live a healthy, pain-free life. I encourage my clients to strive for progress, not perfection. When training, you don’t have to have an Excel spreadsheet tracking every statistic, but you do need to enter the gym with a goal in mind. I focus on movement patterns over single parts of the body. In order to develop synergy within the body, I work on movements that directly translate into everyday life.

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