#DreamTeam celebration

We’re wild about the #DreamTeam of personal trainers at Hyatt Training! We’d put them up against any team of trainers anywhere and are so thankful that they’re part of Hyatt Training community and family. Each summer we like to take a moment to thank them for their hard work and dedication throughout the year. Check out some of the highlights of from the trainer summer celebration at our home on August 24th. We had so much fun and our hearts are full! […]

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Happy anniversary Advance Sports and Spine Therapy!

This September, Advance Sports and Spine Therapy is celebrating one year at its NW Portland-Hyatt Training location. To celebrate this partnership, Advance Sports and Spine Therapy is offering FREE musculoskeletal consultations to ALL Hyatt Training Members. If aches and pains are limiting your ability to maximize your workouts with your favorite Hyatt Training personal trainer or perform the activities that are important to you, then don’t delay, and schedule your musculoskeletal consultation with Doctor of Physical Therapy, Jeff Cox today. […]

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Meal prep made easy(er)

It can be daunting to get organized with meal prep and planning. For all of us. Throw in additional family members and busy weeknights filled with activities, and it can be even more challenging to stay the course. Having support, a plan of action and a clear tie back to your goals and values can help to stay on track. The other night a friend (who is trained as a professional chef!) was telling me how she struggles to organize her family meals throughout the week, and she inspired me to share a few of my tips and tricks for keeping us on track with our goal of eating minimally processed, scratch-made meals (and not loose our minds). […]

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DEXA body composition scan 9/12

Body composition is important for many reasons. Contrary to popular opinion, none of them having nothing to do with how you look in a swimsuit! We’re excited to partner with DEXA PDX to offer Hyatt Training members an easy and accurate option to track and measure body fat percentage, muscle mass and visceral fat. […]

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Success story: Regina Hauser

It’s ok for a lady to be a bad ass, and Regina is a bad ass. She works hard, she has great life balance and she has the best arms in the gym! One thing we love about Regina is that she has a host of activities outside the gym that makes the work she does here relevant and functional. She’s an avid golfer, hiker and mountain climber and has recently taken up race walking with a Portland to Coast group. She’s always quick to ask questions, to incorporate new things that feel helpful and is committed to her fitness as a lifestyle and it shows. She’s an absolute dream client and joy to have at the studio. […]

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Time flies when you’re having fun!

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been in our new studio space for a year! Time really does fly when you’re having fun, and without a doubt, we love working side by side to run Hyatt Training each day. […]

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New at the studio: Summer 2018

We recently added a lot of new equipment to the studio. August 12th marks our one-year anniversary in the Fitzgibbons Glass Building. Earlier this summer we put together a wish list of new equipment items to keep the studio fresh and on point. We love being able to take feedback from our trainers and members and keep our equipment state of the art. Here’s a little list of the new things and what prompted us to bring them in… […]

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Welcome personal trainer Sean Reith

We are thrilled to welcome Portland personal trainer Sean Reith to Hyatt Training. […]

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Getting started with fermented foods

Do you regularly eat fermented foods? Have you heard that they’re good for you (and your gut!) but wonder where to start? Us too! We asked nutritionist and personal trainer Dustin Millhollen to shed some insight and answer our questions about how and why to get started with fermented foods. […]

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Why build a strong core? (Hint: It’s not about having a six-pack!)

Why build a strong core? You’ve inevitably heard a personal trainer or someone in the fitness industry harp on the importance of building strong abdominal muscles. In fact, if you currently work with a trainer, you probably hear cues like, “engage your core” and “keep your core tight” a handful of times every time you workout. Check out this guest post from personal trainer Erin Moussallem to get the nitty gritty on WHY building a strong core is essential to a healthy body. It’s the first post in a series all about the core! […]

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Success story: Jody Bohannon

Jody Bohannon is strong. Not “strong for a runner”, “strong for her size”, or “strong for someone who hasn’t been training for that long.” She’s more like “200 lb deadlifts for sets of 10” and “bench pressing 100 lbs for multiple reps” strong. She’s real-deal strong, and she got there by being unwaveringly consistent and having one of the most positive attitudes of anyone we’ve ever met. On top of all that, since starting training she’s lost a considerable amount of weight, gotten rid of nagging aches and pains, and completely changed her body composition along the way, too. […]

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Best gym in Portland two years running!

We are thrilled to announce that Hyatt Training was voted BEST GYM in Portland in the Willamette Week’s Best of Portland reader’s poll for the second year in a row! THANK YOU. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for the time, effort and willingness to help out this little gym with big dreams. We appreciate our community so much! […]

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Your personal trainer’s favorite exercises and why!

We love the monthly mastermind sessions with the Dream Team of personal trainers working at Hyatt Training. Our June session was especially fun as each trainer shared their system for creating smart programs for their clients, as well as their favorite two or three exercises to deliver maximum benefit to their clients. […]

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