Increase kiddo veggie intake

Getting kids to eat a variety of veggies can be a battle. Not only does research suggest that kids should be getting at least 5 servings of fruits and veggies a day, but that it’s important to have diversity to ensure that important micronutrients are being consumed. While most kids (like my own) will munch on carrots and bell peppers, they are a lot less likely to eat kale and squash. So, I created a daily kid-friendly smoothie to boost their intake without a fight. […]

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Nutrition guidelines to live by

As we dig into the topic of good nutrition this week, it’s important to remember that we are looking at how what you eat relates to all the elements of your health, not just performance in the gym or how your jeans fit. Good nutrition can positively affect your mood and energy, lower risk of disease, improve sleep quantity and quality, and make you feel and look your best. But it’s different for everyone and as we go down the winding road of good nutrition it’s important to remember some things. […]

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What it takes to stay hydrated

The phrase “water is life” makes a great bumper sticker. That’s because it’s impossible to overstate the importance of water. There is no single more impactful habit you can build than keeping your body hydrated. […]

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Why food sources matter

There are many special considerations when shopping for meat and dairy products. One needs to sort through the advertisements and tricky labeling, prices, nutrition facts, fat percentage, cage-free, free-range, organic, natural, grass-fed, pasture-raised, and on and on! It’s a lot of noise to sort through and we’re here to help get to the meat and potatoes of what matters (and doesn’t) when it comes to meat sources and labeling. […]

2020-05-10T15:31:00-07:00May 8, 2020|

Meat vs. alternative burgers

Today, we live in a world with an abundance of choices when it comes to food. There is a large variety of meat alternatives and substitutes for those eating a strictly vegan diet or wanting to eat primarily plant-based, but it can be difficult to know if these alternatives are healthier than the meat options. […]

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Success story: Aaron Kerr

As a father, entrepreneur, and business owner, Aaron has still been able to prioritize his health and fitness to achieve remarkable results. He always shows up ready to work hard in the gym, while also keeping up with his running schedule. Aaron is a joy to coach because of his dedication to his health and his willingness to take on challenges. […]

2020-05-08T12:48:17-07:00May 8, 2020|

Important elements of an exercise plan

While all exercise can be beneficial, there are things that may be of particular importance right now as you navigate new schedules and opportunities. Here’s a quick bullet point list on some things to consider when planning your weekly schedule. If you need more specifics, let’s talk! Our speciality is coming up with creative solutions to match your abilities, equipment and goals! […]

2020-05-07T09:10:03-07:00May 7, 2020|

The Benefits of Afternoon & Evening Exercise

There’s a popular image of the early riser, up with (or before) the sun, getting in some strength training, a run, or a yoga session to start their day. They head to bed early, rest up, and do it all again the next day. But, some of us are not morning people. […]

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Snack time: Easy Protein Balls

We’re a little worn out on cooking. Months of preparing meals and entertaining at home have given us recipe fatigue. Want a quick, delicious and healthy snack that you can toss together with the kids? Look no further than these easy and versatile protein balls! […]

2020-06-09T14:51:32-07:00May 7, 2020|

Success story: Jude Sturman

Jude’s commitment to health and wellness goes far beyond the time he spends in the gym. Even through his busy work/travel schedule he always finds a way to make healthy food choices and stay active on the road. It is his consistent effort day in and day out that allows him to perform at a high level in the gym and on the tennis court. It is a pleasure having Jude as part of the Hyatt Training community! […]

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Focus of the week: How to get your best sleep

Ever wonder why young children wake up at the same time every morning, yet adults struggle to achieve that natural regulation (hello, snooze button!)? What factors and lifestyle choices affect our sleep as we age, and what adjustments can we make to increase our sleep quality? We all know sleep is important, but why is it important? What does getting “good sleep” look like? Join us as we dive into some excellent resources to answer these questions, and find yourself on the path to better sleep…and health! […]

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Success story: Jeannie Chu

From day one, Jeannie has been a bright spot in the community. She shows up with energy, laughter, and excitement to train and to connect. She doesn’t hesitate to talk to other clients and trainers, to smile at everyone, and to give her session her all. The strength that she’s built in the past year is inspiring, as is her willingness to learn and challenge herself every week. […]

2020-06-19T07:49:58-07:00April 29, 2020|

Cardio vs. Resistance Training

Weight management is at the forefront of many minds with recent events closing gyms, limiting activity and encouraging us to stay home. Maintaining a healthy weight will ensure your mind and body stay well balanced and function efficiently to survive and thrive through all sorts of emotional and physical stress. Diet is the most important factor in weight distribution, but exercise and its myriad of physiological benefits are a close second with regard to weight maintenance and body composition. […]

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Common Exercise Subtitutions

Scroll through social media these days and you’ll be inundated with workout content. Personalization is limited or nonexistent, which can be overwhelming and lead to injury. While there’s simply no substitution for working one on one with a trainer, growing your own exercise library can help you take ownership over your workouts and keep safety as the highest priority. Not only will you tailor your workout to your abilities and comfort, but to your preferences (although we all LOVE burpees, mountain climbers can be much easier on the knees). Below is a rundown of common exercises and their substitutions, safe for a myriad of fitness levels, including progressions and regressions. Your trainer can offer more personalized guidance and appropriate substitutions for your body’s abilities. We’re always here to help. If you have questions, just ask! […]

2020-04-29T10:27:37-07:00April 24, 2020|

Walk the walk

In normal life, one of my very favorite parts of each day is walking the kids to school. Both the time spent with them, grounding, preparing, anticipating. And also the walk home by myself, savoring “the space”. The unfilled space, where I think, create, process. Along the way we see neighbors and schoolmates. Are greeted by our crossing-guard-turned-friend. […]

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