Success story: Tina Romine

Tina Romine’s level of dedication to her health and fitness is apparent by how much stronger and more capable she has become. She’s lifting more weight, moving more athletically, and taking control of her health through diet. When not training with her trainer Dustin, she’s in the gym, putting in solid work. Of course, she also makes time for weekend trips to Mt. Rainier or for pizza at a newly discovered pizza joint. […]

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New in retail: Books to inspire

We’re dedicated to sharing as much information about health and wellness with our community (and the world at large!) as possible. As a team, we often find ourselves recommending books to our clients. […]

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Success story: Jill and Tony Daniels

Team Daniels is an inspiration to so many of us. They are regularly at the gym four days a week, supporting and challenging each other. Their workouts keep them in great shape for new adventures and doing the things they love. Over the years is has been impressive to watch their confidence grow and their stamina flourish! […]

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Winter 2018 holiday hours

We encourage our clients and trainers to take time to enjoy friends and family during the holiday season. Here’s a complete list of modified studio hours for November and December 2018. […]

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Virtual tour of Hyatt Training

We love our home within the Fitzgibbons Glass Building! Check out this 360 degree tour of our studio. Of course we’re biased, but we think it really shows off the careful thought and planning that went into creating our service-driven personal training gym. […]

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Prebiotic foods 101

Prebiotics, probiotics, postbiotics, oh my! Take a peek at this guest post by nutritionist and personal trainer Dustin Millhollen to shed some insight and answer our questions about prebiotic foods, why they’re important and how best to incorporate them easily into your diet. […]

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Welcome personal trainer Adam Gawlak

We are thrilled to welcome Portland personal trainer Adam Gawlak to Hyatt Training. […]

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Success story: Ryan and Lisa Heffernan

When you share a habit with somebody, it’s amazing what you can achieve. The Heffernans have been putting in sweat equity together for over a year and are the most committed and consistent (together) that they have ever been with their fitness. Lisa is running like the wind with her fastest mile times yet, and Ryan has dropped 35 pounds since this January! We love being a part of this power couple’s journey. […]

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Core anatomy

Second in our series all about the core, let’s take a look at the anatomy of the core, which is far more complex than the anterior abdominals (that 6-pack Erin referenced in our series lead-off post). […]

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Hyatt Training and Albertina Kerr update

Two years ago we launched our hallmark giving program with Albertina Kerr. For each new client to Hyatt Training, we donate to support yoga and recreation activities for Albertina Kerr’s Crisis Psychiatric program. We love being able to support yoga classes for kids staying at Kerr. […]

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An honest check in for your health

Sometimes we all need to be reminded of the basics. To take some time for an honest look at how we’re really doing with our health and wellness. At the studio, we build long term relationships focused around the importance of exercise and smart strength training. It’s also important to remember that health is more than getting 60 minutes in at the gym and eating well. Our overall health is impacted by nearly every thing we do. And this “everything” is happening all the time. […]

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Success story: Bob Finch

Bob Finch has been a dedicated to his training sessions with personal trainer Beth Hoeck for the last three years. His hard work has yielded lost weight and inches while improving range of motion and total body strength. His positive attitude and determination has allowed him to accomplish his personal goals. He is a great photographer and avid dog walker and his gym time keeps him feeling good for these activities. […]

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Success story: Marge Finch

For the past 3 years, Marge has shown up to every session with her trainer Beth wearing a smile on her face and full of laughter. She has improved her balance and gained muscle strength through her workouts at Hyatt Training weekly. Marge loves her two grandchildren dearly – she knows exercise is an important part of keeping up with and enjoying them. […]

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Aging Adults & Exercise: Science says yes!

America’s baby-boomers are aging. By the middle of the century, an estimated 87 million Americans will be 65 years of age or older, causing us to think more seriously about longevity and quality of life. While degeneration and loss of functional mobility are often associated with aging, the two are not necessarily synonymous. Some physiologic changes are considered normal for aging adults, but physical activity and proper nutrition can have a significant impact on one’s independence as they age. […]

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#DreamTeam celebration

We’re wild about the #DreamTeam of personal trainers at Hyatt Training! We’d put them up against any team of trainers anywhere and are so thankful that they’re part of Hyatt Training community and family. Each summer we like to take a moment to thank them for their hard work and dedication throughout the year. Check out some of the highlights of from the trainer summer celebration at our home on August 24th. We had so much fun and our hearts are full! […]

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