Earlier this summer, we added several new, small pieces of equipment to enhance the workouts at Hyatt Training. A week after that order arrived, we had the chance to purchase a BIG piece of equipment that I’ve been wanting for the studio.

The TRX S-Frame unit is essentially a piece of scaffolding for hanging things from. Whether that’s bodies, TRX suspension trainers, rubber bands or rings, it’s a very versatile piece that really makes the space more dynamic.

Our S-Frame stands 8-feet tall and is 15-feet long, making it big enough for multiple users and activities at once. The legs are great for wrapping bands and tubing around, allowing even more uses than just hanging. And it looks awesome!

One of the great things about suspension training is that your body weight creates the load and the challenge. Not only does this create a “functional” environment for working out, but by choosing different body angles you can easily modify the exercises to fit anyone. I am able to modify the body weight and suspension exercises to fit all ranges of abilities and strength. I use the TRX in some capacity with every single client I have, who range from 14 to 90+ years old.

We are always striving try to keep the studio fresh with new equipment to help inspire new ideas and build on classic exercises. The TRX S-Frame also goes a long way to making the space more efficient. Lee and I are happy to be able to bring this piece into the studio and hope to see everyone hanging from it soon!