Just like bodies, we cannot change physical spaces nearly as fast as we would like. After having a target date of July 1st, we are still working feverishly to get the studio open by mid-September. The sheet rock has been hung, so clean up, tape and mud, painting then flooring still to come. This is the first time I have gone through a project like this—truly taking a space from the bare walls to an amazing destination. I will say, I hope we are here for a very long time!

Upstairs, there are four treatment rooms for massage and acupuncture plus a beautiful little area for yoga, cooling down, stretching, etc. Many of the areas upstairs have skylights looking up into the Fremont Bridge and creating a really cool feel.
Downstairs, we have a full physical therapy center, two more treatment rooms, two large bathrooms with showers and towel service, and 20 yards of synthetic turf for training and coaching. Add to that a polished cement reception area, a cardio space and a small kitchen area and we are pumped to be bringing you an environment full of life, amenities, service and equipment to help facilitate your path to better health and fitness.