At Hyatt Training we value having well maintained, state-of-the-art equipment. We recently made our summer purchase for the studio. It’s important to us reinvest in the growth and development of both the studio and our trainers by bringing in fresh personal training equipment. We’re committed to making new purchases at least twice a year. We love it because it means new and varied workouts for our clients!

Rowing Machine

Already a favorite with our crew and an awesome way to incorporate varied cardiovascular and strength work, the water rower offers a smooth, low impact full body workout.

Hex Bar

A long time favorite for developing solid squat and deadlift form, the hex bar also allows clients to build weight up without the pressure on the next and spine of a traditional barbell back squat.


Popular in the gymnastics world, parallettes offer a wide range of strength and stability options for legs, arms and core.

Super bands

We also filled in some gaps with super bands replacing some worn items and adding new resistance levels for greater variety when adding resistance or assisting pull ups.

We hope you enjoy the new equipment, and please let us know if there’s anything you’re interested in. We’re always open to suggestions!

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