We recently invested in the studio and brought in some new gear for our trainers and clients. It’s a nice mix of new toys and multiples of popular items. Check it out!

Among the new items were some chains to offer accommodating resistance for squats, presses and deadlifts. Accommodating resistance adds weight to the “strongest” part of the range of motion, so as the chains come off the ground and more chain is exposed, the resistance increases (and you get stronger!) Not to mention, they look kinda cool!

We also brought in a mace, typically used in a similar way to kettlebells as a ballistic shoulder / core stability tool, and a rock mat for foot health.

We also added another bench, this one with a wide pad for better stability on presses (it’s awesome!) and a second sled and landmine sleeve as the current sled and landmines get tons of use!

We love adding new fun items to play with and always making sure there is plenty of the most popular pieces of equipment around. We hope you enjoy the new gear!

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