Twice yearly, Lee and I take stock of the studio and order new equipment at Hyatt Training. We love maintaining the best possible tools for our clients and trainers to use during their sessions and independent workouts. Variety is such an important element of the personal training sessions at our studio to keep all of us—trainers and you—at our best. Check out what just arrived in our summer order!

New equipment at Hyatt Training

New equipment at Hyatt Training

1. Rumble roller

We’re adding a full-length version of the little monster we have now. It’s great for big muscles like glutes, quads and hamstrings. The rumble roller is extra firm and has big lugs built into it for very deep myofascial release work.

2. Balance pad

This is one of our most popular items. Whether for classic balance work or as a pad for planks and stretching, the balance pad is versatile and much loved. As the number of clients and trainers grows, expect to see multiples of our most popular stuff.

3. Landmine sleeve

This allows for barbell work in a whole new way. It helps to create dynamic and variable exercises for the full body. The landmine hits hips, shoulders and core in a big way!

4. Lacrosse balls

With a great size, texture and firmness, lacrosse balls are a mainstay of myofasical release work. Because they are always in popular demand, we’ve added another pack to the supply at the studio. You’ll also notice our new organization systems for all the small myofascial release tools, which are located in three different places around the studio for your convenience.

5 and 6. Jump ropes

We’ve added both speed ropes and another heavy rope because who doesn’t love spinning a 4-pound rope?

7. Push up bars

These are great for depth and wrist position on push-ups. They also make a fun tool for our clients who are working on their hand stands!

8. Target mitts

These will complement the work we do on the heavy punching bag. Target mitts allow for a more mobile session and reactive training between client and coach.

9. Ab wheel

This is one of the classics of core conditioning. Get ready to roll!

10. Mini bands

These are awesome in the studio and out. One of things we try to do is give you the tools and knowledge to keep up with fitness away from the studio. Mini bands work particularly well in two key movement centers: hips and shoulders.

We’re committed to being the best personal training gym in Portland. Having and maintaining new and varied equipment is a part of that. Hyatt Training is here to be the best for YOU on your health and wellness journey. Our bi-yearly equipment purchases are a small way of showing our dedication to your hard work. Enjoy!