We recently added a lot of new equipment to the studio. August 12th marks our one-year anniversary in the Fitzgibbons Glass Building. Earlier this summer we put together a wish list of new equipment items to keep the studio fresh and on point. We love being able to take feedback from our trainers and members and keep our equipment state of the art. Here’s a little list of the new things and what prompted us to bring them in…

New equipment to celebrate

Safety Squat Bar

Looks like a regular barbell with built on handlebars and a few odd bends. The safety squat bar allows the weight to sit a little further forward making the load on the spine a bit lighter and the built in bars are great for folks without great shoulder mobility. Essentially this is a great bar for beginners or folks for whom squats aren’t as approachable with a traditional back loaded barbell.

Hyatt Training new equipment

Trap Bar

We brought in a second trap bar because of the popularity of the trap bar deadlift around here. Like the safety squat bar, the trap bar allows for a modification from the conventional barbell deadlift and shifts the load a bit to minimize load on the spine.

Hyatt Training new equipment

Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat Stand

Great for single leg focused work, the stand makes the exercise way easier to set up and comfortable. Often done using a bench or combination of bars and pads, the stand offers a safe, easy and comfortable way to set up a great single leg squat exercise.

Competition Kettle Bells

We have recently upgraded our whole line of kettle bells with competition style bells from Kettle Bell Kings. The competition style means that all weights are the same size (color coded to separate them) and have identical handles and surface areas. Making the size consistent allows the user to get more comfortable with carries, swings and racks and offers more surface area even on the lighter weights for comfort against the forearm. We now have doubles from 18-70 pounds.

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