At Hyatt Training we’re dedicated to having well maintained, state-of-the-art equipment. We recently made our winter purchase for the studio. We’re continually investing in things that keep our community vibrant and thriving. New equipment is one of those things! We’re committed to making new purchases at least twice a year. We love it because it means new and varied workouts for our clients.

An additional barbell

We recently purchased a second barbell and a run of bumper plates for the studio. As our training team expands, we’re committed to having doubles, triples, and more of most equipment to ensure everyone has the tools they need when they want them.

Barbells may be the quintessential piece of equipment for true strength training. The ability to lift heavy things is proven repeatedly to be a predictor for good health, functionality and longevity. Barbells create a great balance between leverage and capacity for weight. In doing so they set a great environment for safely loading and moving the body through very practical ranges of motion. These exercises consistently carry over into real world applications day in and day out.

Bumper plates

Bumper plates are similar to normal weight plates except they have a rubber coating on them to help reduce noise and are all a uniform diameter. This is great for helping control range of motion while doing exercises like traditional or stiff-legged deadlifts.

We hope you enjoy the new toys and please let us know if there’s anything you’re interested in. We’re always open to suggestions!

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