We’re so excited to announce the arrival of the InBody 570 at Hyatt Training! The InBody is one of the most comprehensive and accurate body composition testing systems on the market. We’re excited to continue to offer ways to chart progress, set goals and discuss your strength and wellness coaching with a precision lens.

In addition to accurate height, weight and body composition, the InBody will break down measurements into 5 segments (left/right-arm/leg and trunk). This information is critical in maintaining an even and healthy distribution of lean muscle mass and body fat. It also measures visceral fat, which is abdominal fat that surrounds organs and the amount of intracellular vs extracellular water which can indicate high levels of inflammation (illness, nutrition, stress, etc.).

Knowledge is so important and being able to measure and re-measure helps to keep you accountable to a program and helps your trainer design a plan that specifically fits your needs and enables the precision strength and wellness programs we strive to provide. Your first test is a mark in the sand. It’s the subsequent tests that really important and we encourage you to speak with us if you’re concerned about testing for any reason.

For now, we’re including InBody testing as a part of regular Hyatt Training membership. Nonmembers are also welcome to test for $150, which includes a 50-minute appointment for the scan, a sit down interpretation of the results and basic suggestions for moving forward. If you know anyone who’d be interested, please send them our way!

We recommend testing every 8-12 weeks to allow for consistent monitoring and enough time between tests to actually make significant changes.

Hyatt Training InBody machine outputs segmental analysis of body composition
Hyatt Training InBody machine outputs skeletal muscle/fat analysis of body composition

We’re here to help you dial things in

Partner your InBody tests with our Goals Check-In and allow your trainer to really dig in and help get your program adjusted to your goals.

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