In March 2020, life as we knew it changed. We (collectively) took the necessary precautions and dramatically altered our routines and daily life. It was no easy task to develop new routines, stress management and structure, but we did it.

And then we did it again. And again. And again. With the reopening and closing of the PDX metro area several times over the course of a year, we’ve been presented with the chance to recreate our lives and structure several times over. The same tools serve us each time.

Prioritize sleep, exercise and good food.

Create as much structure for yourself as possible. Calendar the important things, including workouts. This goes for everyone in your house – kids too – as we’re all navigating this together. We’re home more and spend significantly more time together than we have historically.

The bigger issue at hand is really how we will choose to navigate it all? Each of us brings our own set of values, priorities and circumstances to the table. Being clear on these factors will help to make choices that sit right with you.

Some must stay close to the vest. Some will draw lines that allow for calculated risks. But all will walk the line of safety vs. freedom. All will get the chance to decide what is most important to them and how they want to live over the coming months. What constitutes quality of life is different for each of us.

Patience and empathy are always key as we observe the choices of our friends and neighbors. Some will make choices perceived as more or less safe than you. We can’t know what their values or driving decisions really are. But we can control our own, and be respectful of others.

At the studio, we value health above all else. We believe both exercise and community are medicine, and essential to a quality life. We’ve organized Hyatt Training to be the safest gym environment possible. Reserved workout areas ensure you’ve got plenty of space and 50 minute sessions ensure things stay super clean between each use.

As you consider what’s important to your life over the coming months, you can count on us to keep providing timely, relevant content to support your health. If you’re ready to consider a sustainable, supported approach to feeling your best ever, let’s talk!

In health,
Lee and Jeremy

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