As we move closer to reopening the studio, we wanted to share some of the things we have been doing to be prepared, in fact – over-prepared, for your safe and comfortable return to the studio. In addition to following all of the national, state and local guidelines we have formed a Member Advisory Team to help guide our decisions now and into the future.

The team consists of career experts in public health, employment law, government, commercial property management and marketing. They have generously donated their time and expertise every other week to help sift through the mountains of information and help us prepare the studio for a great return. We are forever thankful for their wisdom and generosity.

Members include:

  • David Altschul – Founder and President, Character LLC
  • Jill Daniels – RN, MS Public Health Consultant
  • Regina Hauser – JD, community leader
  • Chris Nelson – Principal, Capstone Partners LLC, Commercial Real Estate Developer
  • Bob Weinstein – Retired, government relations

It’s important to note that Hyatt Training won’t look quite the same when we reopen. While we hope to get back to the good-old-days as soon as possible, we will re-enter with lots of protocols in place to help keep people feeling safe and comfortable. You can link to our dedicated protocols page here.

Among the protocols will be a strict limit on number of sessions / people in the studio at any one time. We anticipate no more than three sessions inside (in 4500 sq ft) at any time getting started (with up to two additional stations outside), allowing for very aggressive physical distancing guidelines and plan for each client to have a reserved and dedicated area for their workout complete with all available equipment for their session. We will openly communicate expectations for trainers and members to get everyone in safely and comfortably. We will go above and beyond guidelines mandated by the state – in fact our physical distancing is approximately double the state guidelines.

With that said, there are many moving parts and we’re beginning to reserve session times so we can be ready on opening day. It will be important to communicate with your trainer about your session times, especially if you’re comfortable and planning to return right away. With limited availability (but maximized safety) we’ll likely have to move schedules around a little to get everyone in. Note that right now there will be no “open gym” times or extra visitors at the beginning – just you and your trainer.

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