I’m so excited to share Florasophy with the Hyatt Training community! I’ve been working behind the scenes for the last 10 months creating and launching this organic soluble fiber supplement with my good friend and functional nutritionist Megan Barnett, MS..


Over the past ten years, I’ve dedicated my professional life to sharing the benefits of exercise and inspiring people to do more of it here at Hyatt Training. As it turns out, soluble fiber and exercise hold two very important elements in common.

1) They benefit nearly every system in the body and

2) Most people don’t get nearly enough.

I can’t wait to share the many benefits of soluble fiber with you. Our website ThinkFlorasophy.com is live, and we’re shipping orders!

In fact, I have a special discount code for Hyatt Training members who wish to pick up their order at the front desk: HyattPickUp (please members only)

We’ve loaded the website with educational content—from nutrition tips to insight into the remarkable power of gut health.

This journey is just starting and you can bet I’ll keep you apprised with all sorts of educational content as I dive into this new adventure!

In good health,
Lee (& Jeremy)

P.S. In the meantime, please follow @thinkflorasophy on Instagram or Facebook to get our educational posts and content in your regular feed!

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