Though we all have a lot more time to ourselves recently, we may be feeling bogged down by the constant influx of news and social media updates. Taking just five minutes to sit quietly can relieve stress, help get more z’s, and reset your mind-body connection.

At Hyatt Training, we like to piggy back our quick mediations onto a workout – no need to carve out separate time to build a new habit! At the end of activity, set a timer for five minutes, sit comfortably, and let yourself sink into your breath and thoughts.

Below, you’ll find a quick introduction to a guided breath work and meditation sequence inspired by Todd McCullough’s #mindright meditation practice.

5 minute quick start meditation

1) Once your timer is set and you’re sitting (or laying) comfortably, close your eyes. Feel your heart beat, your lungs expand, your tushy on the ground.

2) Begin by taking a deep breath in, filling your belly, and exhale with an audible “ahhh.”
Repeat 5 times, deep breath in and a long, audible exhale.

3) Next, take ten deep breaths, slowly count to 5 with each inhale and exhale. Breath in, feel your chest and belly expand, and out to feel your lungs empty. Focus on your breathing, observe your thoughts, let them come and go as they please.

Keep breathing, but take a moment to focus on each of the following:

4) A moment to think about gratitude. Gratitude for your health, your home, pets, family, the meal you’re about to eat, your house plants, anything that brings you joy and contributes meaning and value to your life.

5) Take a moment think about positivity. Maybe a loved one still working with the public, doctors and nurses, your neighbor with the crazy kids, anyone that could use some light, send it their way.

6) Lastly, take this final moment to just be with yourself, observe your thoughts, what you hear, feel, taste, smell, just sit quietly in peace, enjoying this moment before you resume business as usual.

When you’re ready, open your eyes, take one last deep breath in, and face the day with a new perspective and a full heart.

More information for about meditation

The great news about meditation is that there is no wrong way to do it. Everyone approaches it differently. To reap the benefits, the main thing is finding a way to sit still with a single focus in your mind for 5-10 minutes a day, or as often as you can.

Learn more about the benefits of meditation, and in particular benefits for your brain and gray matter.

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