THANK YOU for your patience! Oregon Health Authority interim guidelines for fully vaccinated individuals have now been updated.

Here’s a link to Oregon interim masking guidelines for vaccinated individuals. And there’s a second link sent out today with state-wide reopening guidance for masks.

The recent updates from the CDC last week mark a new chapter in the COVID-19 pandemic. With this new chapter, Hyatt Training is making the following updates to our COVID operations.

1) Masks

If you are fully vaccinated and would like to opt out of wearing a mask while at the studio, please bring your vaccination card with you to the gym.

Remember that you must be two weeks after your final dose to be considered fully vaccinated.

Your trainer will verify your vaccination status at your next visit or whenever you are ready by looking at your card. (Last shot + 2 weeks time will be required)

Securely and confidentially we will keep track of members who have verified their vaccination status so that you do not have to bring your card more than once.

Your participation in this mask-free option is purely voluntary, as-is your status disclosure. We will not make or keep copies of vaccination cards on file in any way.

Please note that many in our community – both trainers and members – are in progress with their vaccination. We anticipate a mix of masked and unmasked people in the studio for the coming weeks.

2) Capacity

We will increase studio capacity to 5 sessions per hour (4 downstairs, 1 upstairs). All other cleaning protocols will remain in place. New CDC guidance reduces the need for physical distancing between fully vaccinated people.

Please note, this still puts us FAR below the capacity allowed by OHA, and even below the most severe restrictions.

3) The best way forward is together

Like all things related to COVID, we will navigate this new guidance as the weeks unfold. It’s been a wild ride up to this pivotal point.

You can count on us to be 100% open, honest and transparent with our members and trainers. We encourage every member of our studio family to communicate with care and empathy. Together, we will do our best.

Here’s a direct link to our COVID Protocols.

In health,
Jeremy and Lee

#MoreThanAGoodSweat #TheBestWayForwardisTogether #DoLifeBetter

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